Biggest Loser's Blaine: The Pink Team Aren't Bad People

Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

Unable to post big weight-loss numbers as they had in previous weeks, the Black Team’s cousin tandem of Blaine Cotter and Dane Patterson from Mesa, Ariz., faced elimination with an emotional plea: Cotter, 27, begged his fellow Ranchers to keep his cousin Patterson, 27, so he could go home to his wife and four children. In a show of heart, the other contestants put aside game play and granted him his wish. Back home, Cotter, who is busy with work, family and training for an Ironman triathlon in May, spoke to reporters about his change of heart about Jillian and his on-going weight challenges. –Rebecca Gross

At voting time, were you surprised to hear the Pink team say they didn’t think you would be able to lose the weight at home?No, to be honest I think they were justifying why they were voting for Dane. I don’t disrespect them or think the Pink Team are bad for voting for Dane because it is a game. It isn’t smart to keep Dane and lose me; I’m not a threat of winning anything. I have one of the smallest percentages of weight loss that I can achieve in the house.

Why did Tara seem the most affected by you leaving the Ranch?Me and Dane and Mandi and Tara got very close while the other partners were at home. The four of us pushed each other a lot. I don’t know if you can call it an alliance, but it was a strong friendship.

How did Joelle’s departure change the atmosphere on the Ranch this week?I think we were all kind of happy it wasn’t the Joelle Show anymore. Our whole team started to second guess our decision not to let Joelle go the first time. Joelle being there by herself was not as bad as Joelle and Carla being there together. They did not get along, and that’s uncomfortable to be living with who are really upset with each other.

Did you feel Jillian’s training style worked better for you than Bob’s?Obviously they are both the best trainers in the world. But I never wanted Jillian. All I had heard was how mean Jillian was. That couldn’t have been more wrong. I’m so glad I got to be with Jillian. It’s not just a physical workout, but also a mental workout every time you are with her. I’m so grateful for the lessons I learned from Jillian.

What is the biggest challenge for you at home?Food and nutrition are the hardest things. On the Ranch you learn how to work out and I know how to exercise and how to push myself further and harder now than I ever have before. But nutrition-wise, you definitely cook your own food. You learn how to do it there, but you have a refrigerator stocked with good food. Whereas at home, you have the bad choices and you also have the budget thing.

Trae Patton/NBC

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