The host of the show blogs about the contestants' moving accomplishments

By Alison Sweeney
Updated November 30, 2011 11:00 AM
Credit: NBC

It’s the final week on campus and, as Antone quickly figured out, that means it’s time to “put the weight back on.” Can you believe John has lost 140 pounds? How about Antone’s 116 pound loss, Vinny’s 102 pound loss, Sunny’s 75 pounds or Becky’s 61 pound loss? The numbers are a testament to the hard work they’ve done and all their trainers have done to help them.

Being back in the desert as the final five compete in the put the weight back on challenge is always an emotional rollercoaster. It’s such a symbolic challenge because after all their hard work, the last thing they want is to put that weight back on and it brings up so many feelings – it’s an in-your-face reminder of the damage they’d done to their own bodies.

And of course, I worry as they head back home that they’ll go back to old habits and really put the weight back on. But, when we got to the finish line, I could tell they’d thought hard about their journey while competing in the challenge.

Watching John and Antone go neck in neck in the end was so exciting. You could see they were giving everything they had left. John’s become such a fighter and consistently is winning but the accomplishment that Antone made in grinding all the way to the end was also incredible. They have allowed that rivalry to help them push themselves harder. Then, as Sunny, Becky and Vinny all finished their final challenge on the ranch, the competition among the final 5 took a pause for all of them to celebrate their accomplishments.

One of my favorite parts of each season is getting to announce makeover week! This season, not only did they make it to makeover week, but they were also getting $5000 each. Whenever I get to tell the contestants they’ve made makeover week, it’s just the best feeling – not just for the superficial fun stuff, but all the contestants who make it that far in the season have such a sense of accomplishment. In some cases, it’s the first time they’ve really had the chance to celebrate themselves and be proud of who they are.

After I send them away for their makeover experience, I can’t wait to see their transformations. Jeannie [Mai] and Ken [Paves] have become friends so I knew the contestants would be in great hands with them both!

It was a scorcher that day in Hollywood as we waited for the limos to pull up. I was literally dripping with sweat. It was so worth it, when I watched each of them get out of their limo, I was blown away. The guys all looked so handsome and the girls were so beautiful. Becky literally took my breath away and then to watch on the episode when her husband J.C. said the same thing, it honestly brought tears to my eyes. When he put her wedding ring back on her finger, tears were streaming down my face. It just was everything The Biggest Loser is all about.

When we got to the final weigh-in, I looked at each of the remaining contestants and then at the trainers. Anna and Dolvett started the season as rookies and ended it looking like veterans.

In the end, it was tough saying goodbye to all the contestants. I can’t wait for you to see all they accomplished to prepare for the marathon so make sure to tune in next week! I’m starting to get ready for the live finale! It’s such a shocker to see everyone at marathon, and then even more transformations by the time they’re with me live on stage Dec. 13th.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing all dressed up at the live finale? What would you ask them?