'Biggest Loser' 's Adam Hurtado Is Helping Others Lose Weight

Photo: Jill Carmen/NBC

The Biggest Loser lost another contestant Tuesday, when the Black Team picked Adam Hurtado to continue his weight-loss journey at home. Although Adam, 26, admits leaving the Ranch was “extremely hard,” he believes “it was the right time.” Since then, Adam – who weighed 322 lbs. when he left – has lost more than 50 lbs. and moved from Orange County, Calif., to Kansas. He spoke with reporters about finding the perfect at-home trainer, helping others lose weight and cutting his calories in half.

Were you disappointed that you had to leave the Ranch so soon?
I am a true believer that things happen for a reason and the silver lining was being able to come home to my community and family members. It was the right time for me. Luckily, I really focused on being a sponge when I was there at the Ranch and soaking up all of the information from Bob and Jillian. That is what has led to a lot of my success coming home. It’s been a blessing and my family and community has helped make the transition of coming home smoother.

What was the hardest thing about leaving and transitioning back to normal life?
It was very difficult to find someone to replicate what Bob and Jill had inspired in me. It ultimately led me to link up with my brother. He’s such an inspiration to me and he was able to achieve the success that Bob and Jill gave me and that was definitely the hardest part.

How are you giving back to the people in your community?
Moving out with my brother Ryan and having him as my trainer is a motivation for me. I really wanted to dive into the community and also give my workouts some purpose and inspire some people along the way. I just walked into the town’s YMCA and asked how I could serve them and pay it forward. They were already thinking about doing a weight-loss competition and I immediately volunteered to be the chairman of the event. To be a source of inspiration for all of the people signing up as contestants means a lot to me. One man I am currently working with started at 500 pounds and since working out with me he has lost 60.

What is one bad habit that you had to drop when you started the show and have continued to be strict about?
The one bad habit that I had to cut out immediately was just overeating. My portions were five times that of a normal person. It was probably the most difficult thing having to cut my calories to a healthy number, which for me I think was 1500 to 1800 while I was on the Ranch. Looking back on what I ate, there were days when I ate 5,000 calories, so cutting that in half was the toughest part. Now that I’ve become accustomed to it, it has become more manageable.

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