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December 14, 2011 01:45 PM

I read your comments to yesterday’s post and you definitely had some strong opinions about everything Biggest Loser, including whom you wanted to win this season. Well, hopefully you enjoyed watching this finale as much as I did hosting it!

There were definitely some changes made to the finale this time, and I hope you liked them. Standing on the finale stage with the spotlight shining in a darkened theater always gets my heart racing fast and my adrenaline pumping. Then, as we introduce the trainers and contestants, the real fun begins.

As each contestant walked down the stairs, his or her confidence and happiness were apparent. Each had a special moment to celebrate all their hard work, and three had the chance of competing on the scale for the at-home prize.

Jennifer, Vinny and Patrick each looked incredible and clearly had worked their butts off, literally, to transform their lives. To watch the look of sheer surprise as Jennifer won that at-home prize was hopefully as meaningful for you, the at-home viewers, as it was for us at the studio.

There was an inner confidence in Jennifer – she knows she worked hard to earn that prize and she was ready to celebrate last night. She also has such a fantastic sense of humor – she loved the clips of her crushing on Bob.

Favorite Moments

While I had many favorite moments (Dolvett in Vinny’s overalls!), I think “Coach” Mike and Bonnie proved their message that you’re never too old to make a change by how fabulous they both looked. I also thought all the eliminated contestants really looked incredible.

It was such a fun celebratory atmosphere during the commercial breaks. And the audience was so enthusiastic and supportive. I wish you all could have seen how the crowd welcomed Dolvett into the Biggest Loser family.

Now to the final 3: Seeing Ramon look fabulous, inspire his parents and find love with Jessica was the embodiment of what this show aspires to be. I loved Antone saying that he’s in good enough shape to play for the NFL right now. He will be a role model to his family and many others for years to come and is a valued member of The Biggest Loser family.

And then there’s John. Some loved him, others didn’t, but nobody can challenge his determination to win this season. Bob always sums things up exactly right. I loved when he said, all three of these men will be beginning the next chapters of their lives today, and Ramon, Antone and John will all be great ambassadors for The Biggest Loser in their next chapter of life.

Well, season 12 is a wrap! A big congratulations to John for winning the $250,000 and to Jennifer for winning the at-home prize of $100,000 and to all the contestants for changing their lives for the better.

Make sure to tune in Jan. 3 for the premiere of season 13. We’re already shooting the next season, and I can promise you one thing – it’s going to be intense.

John Rhode and Jennifer Rumple
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