December 03, 2008 12:00 AM

You know what they say: You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. Or, in the case of Monday’s Biggest Loser: Families, you can put highlights on Vicky, but she’s still Vicky!

For this season’s makeover, contestants flew to New York City to work with Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, who helped them create new styles for their new sizes.

Heba, the heaviest woman on the show, cried as she fit into a size-14 little black dress, down from a size 24. The contestants all got haircuts and color and then headed to The Tyra Banks Show, where they showed off their outfits and reunited with loved ones. Tyra asked them probing questions to get them to cry (and most did) in an emotional show. But Vicki was the only one who actually looked worse after her makeover, looking pale on stage in a black dress and garish red lipstick.

Back at the ranch, Jillian was naturally unimpressed. “I don’t care about makeovers,” she growled. What she does care about? Making “your ass smaller,” she said. “That’s it. I don’t care about anything else.”

Vicky toiled alone in the gym while her voiceover explained why she was more worried about this weigh-in than any of the previous ones: “I work out four hours longer than anybody else. In New York, I wasn’t able to do that. I had a hard time at the Grand Canyon where she lost little weight and it was just devastating.”

This week’s challenge was a quick one. All five contestants wedged themselves into bottomless glass cubes and hung 15 feet over a pool, propping themselves up by applying pressure with their backs on one wall and their feet on the other. At stake: a two-week trip for two to a spa in Utah.

“Everybody watch out for me,” Vicky said privately to the camera. Then, within what seemed like seconds, she gave up and slithered out of the cube. But she was too scared to jump into the water. Host Alison Sweeney reminded Vicky “there’s only one way down” as she sat on the ledge looking down and then started to cry.

Michelle won handily. She wanted to celebrate but everyone was focused on Vicky, who still wouldn’t jump into the water. She whined for a while until Ed jumped into the pool coach her down and she finally jumped. “When Amy turned on Brady, when your husband left, you took it hard,” Bob explained later. “It’s the first time you’re really doing something on your own right now.”

At the weigh in, the numbers start low, with Vicky and Renee each losing 4 lbs. Michelle stepped up and lost 5 lbs., which put Renee in a precarious position. Things were looking up for her when Ed pulled a weak 3-pound loss, but Heba got up and dropped 7, pushing Renee and Ed below the dreaded line. Renee got teary eyed because she knew she was going home. There was no wild card, although Bob made mention of Vicky possibly “pulling a fast one on the Blue Team.” It didn’t happen, of course, and Renee was given the chop by Vicky’s swing vote.

For Michelle and Renee, this marked the end of an emotional journey and a firm end to a long and painful estrangement. “I’m so proud of you,” Renee told her daughter. “You win this for you, and not for anybody else. I know you can do it.” Back in Dallas, we see she had lost 95 lbs., taken up public speaking and dropped to a size six. — Sara Hammel

Tell usk: Did Vicky shoot herself in the foot by keeping Ed, one of the hugest threats, in the game? Who’s looking like a contender for the Biggest Loser title?NBC

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