'Survivor' Winner Richard Hatch on Joining 'The Biggest Loser' : People Who Say They Don't Want to Be Fat Are Lying

"I'm fat," Hatch tells PEOPLE. "I'm old and fat"

Photo: NBC

Richard Hatch doesn’t care what people think of his naked body.

“I’m not an exhibitionist, but I don’t care either, so I’m often naked. It’s just the way it is,” the Survivor winner tells PEOPLE of why he walked around in the buff during the premiere season of the CBS reality competition in 2000. “I don’t give a crap about how people feel about how I look. But personally, I know that I’m fat.”

Hatch credits his body issues to what he calls “all kinds of interesting little experiences” he had as a child.

“I was raped at 8. Molested at 10. In the showers in sixth grade, a prankster peed on my leg,” he says. “At some point I decided what people thought of my body didn’t matter.”

Now 54 years old and 314 lbs., Hatch says he’s “old and fat” – and he actively wants to be that way.

“Most fat people I know say they don’t want to be fat. That’s a lie,” he says. “If I didn’t want to be fat, I wouldn’t be fat. So, why do I want to be fat?”

To get help answering that question, Hatch has joined season 17 of The Biggest Loser.

“I want to know why so I can see if there is something I can do about wanting something different – something better,” says the father of three.

There is no target weight or dream experience Hatch is hoping to get out of his time on the NBC reality weight-loss competition, but he does have some health goals in mind.

I know I’m not healthy. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol,” he says. “So, it’s not about being able to lift this or do that. It’s, ‘Is my blood pressure low again? Is my cholesterol level right?’ That’s where I’m headed now.”

Season 17 of The Biggest Loser premieres Jan. 4 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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