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October 19, 2010 12:10 PM

Last week, The Biggest Loser gave away its most lucrative prize yet – and sent two players packing. Sophia was automatically eliminated at weigh-in after losing just 2-lbs. during the fourth week and falling below the red line. Later, Burgandy landed on the chopping block after she was forced to sit out of the elimination challenge due to an injury, automatically bumping her below the yellow line. Elizabeth came in last during the challenge, but ultimately the contestants voted to send Burgandy home.

Sophia, 28, and Burgandy, 35, spoke to reporters after their elimination aired about the new steps they’ve taken to stay healthy and the changes they’ve made in their lives off the Ranch.

What is your exercise regimen like now?
Burgandy: I get up every morning at 5 a.m. I have a walking group in my community that I started, and I get them warmed up and start walking. Then, I usually do a two-hour run in the morning, come home get my kids all out to school, and then while my son is in preschool and my other kids are gone, I do two more hours. That’s the time I workout with my trainer. That’s my super intense time. In the afternoon, I usually do another couple hours of just walking.
Sophia: My workouts right now are actually kind of challenging because I’m recovering from a couple injuries. My workouts are extremely long and very slow. It required a lot of dedication at this point to keep going because I like things heavy and hard and exciting. Right now, I’m in the pool and I’m on the spin bike. It’s taking a lot of perseverance to push through that.

What is something you can do now that you weren’t able to do before?
Burgandy: I went to the movies with my husband, and my hips didn’t touch the side. I couldn’t believe it. There are so many little things in life you take for granted.
Sophia: I was always active before The Biggest Loser, and I find now that in all my crazy endeavors like triathlons and centuries that I’m not in pain after I finish a race. I’m ready to go and do it again. I can go farther and I can go faster.

What is your diet like now?
Burgandy: I try to eat whole food every day.
Sophia: My diet at home is very clean, very lean, and extremely green. I eat vegetables with every single one of my meals, including breakfast. [I eat] a lot of spinach omelets. No fast food, no baking yummy, yummy cookies.

What has been the hardest food to give up?
Burgandy: Chinese food has been the hardest thing to not go back to. That was my go-to food before. Now I really love the idea of having it, but I know that the calories are gonna keep me in the gym longer. It’s just not worth it anymore.
Sophia: Bread! Fresh-baked bread. Any type of bread is my weakness. I actually test myself by leaving bread in the freezer. It’s an additional challenge that I put on myself to break my bread habit.

What is the best dieting tip you’ve learned?
Sophia: Water! Do not rink your calories. Once you think you’ve had enough water, have a little bit more. Most of the time we are dehydrated, and that’s why we think we’re hungry. Just drink, drink, drink like a fish.
Burgandy: Try to consume your carbohydrates in the morning or right before a heavy workout because really carbohydrates are used to energize your body. If you’re not going to go hard and heavy at night, there’s no reason to eat them that late.

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