October 05, 2011 09:00 AM

I love The Biggest Loser‘s NFL Week! I remember the first season when we had NFL players on the show and Jerry Rice showed Ben (my son) how to throw the football between takes. It was such a special moment for him and opportunity for me to take the fun experiences from work and share them with my family.

This season was incredible, though, because the contestants really had the chance to get to know Tony [Gonzalez], Tim [Teebow], Drew [Brees], Eric Dickerson, Shawne [Merriman] and Clay [Matthews]. Coach has been a football coach for almost 40 years. Antoine is a former NFL player himself. Bonnie’s reaction to seeing Drew Brees was so sweet. Knowing that she looked to him for hope when she lost everything in Katrina made that moment so meaningful. The personal stories that went with the surprise appearances truly made it special to be on the field for this challenge.

Plus, for the contestants to play against Tony, Clay and Drew was hilarious. I didn’t know the rivalries that would come into play – Coach not wanting the Saints to beat “his” Colts was my favorite! Then for Courtney to beat the boys and win the $5,000 was a great end to the challenge.

Team Work

One of my favorite aspects to the week was when we got in the gym for the four-quarter challenge. I absolutely loved Bob, Anna and Dolvett participating in the challenge with the contestants – to see their different styles, to have them be part of the intensity and to see how much every moment mattered was so exciting.

Dolvett could definitely be a coach – his locker room chats with his team were so great. He was definitely in it to win it. I remember staring at Bob in awe – that he never stopped moving, never stopped calculating, evaluating his team, figuring out what he could do win. He was right there in Jennifer’s face, yelling and getting her to yell back even louder. It was incredible. And in the end, Bob was able to make it happen for his team by motivating them to work harder than they even imagined. I was shocked when he “respectfully declined” the spa day for his team. But honestly, it was the right move and the numbers on the scale proved it.

Full of Emotions

As a mother, to hear Vinny talk with Dolvett about his childhood and the abuse he dealt with rocked me. He’s always such the jokester on campus (as you saw earlier in the episode) and to know it disguises all that hurt … I can’t even begin to imagine all he had to deal with at such a young age and am so glad he felt comfortable to share with Dolvett so he could work on helping him emotionally and mentally, in addition to physically.

As always, the weigh-in is full of emotions. My favorite moment was Anna and Bonnie’s connection when she was on the scale. Bonnie realized she really could think about herself and make a change in her life. With Anna in tears, Bonnie not only showed everyone she could do it, but encouraged you at home to “get up off the couch” which was awesome. Then for Becky to follow it up with losing 9 lbs. and Mike to lose 17 lbs., definitely made the red and black teams take notice of the blue team.

The best moment of the entire week was when Mike found out he was going to the Super Bowl. The smile on his face was so incredible. So was the relief and excitement of Anna and her team when they found out they were safe from elimination.

In the end, the red team didn’t have enough and had to visit the elimination room for the first time. Every week it’s hard to say goodbye and this week was no different when Patrick left campus. But to see his transformation – and how he’s worked so hard at home – makes me so happy for him.

Have a great week, and until next week. Thanks to all of you who commented! I definitely love reading your comments (well, most of them). Bohbean, glad we could make you laugh!

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