By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 06:48 PM
Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

After a wrenching elimination episode with the Red and Orange Teams falling below the yellow line, Red members Sean Algaier, 29, a youth pastor (pictured), and Antoine Dove, 23, a health insurance salesman, sacrificed themselves in order to keep Shay Sorrells and Daniel Wright on The Biggest Loser. The two men spoke to the press about their at-home weight loss (more than 200 lbs. combined!) and big life changes. –Cynthia Wang

Sean, you started at 444 lbs, and Antoine at 367 lbs. How are you both doing?Sean: I’ve lost well over 100 lbs. at home. Antoine: I’ve lost more than 100 lbs. as well.

Antoine, you’re dating Alexandra White, who was eliminated the first week. How do you stay healthy together?Antoine: We like to do a lot of outdoor activities, especially activities that involve the both of us working out together. We will go hiking outside or biking. There are a lot of places around here in Atlanta where you can rent equipment and one of the newest things we’ve recently gotten into is kayaking. We love it! We go out there and kayak and it’s lovely and peaceful and so nice to kayak alongside each other. I’ve gotten into kickboxing and I’ve gotten Alexandra somewhat into it! We really try to do exercise that have us bonding and working with each other. In terms of dieting, we really try to eat in more. We are taking recipes out of the Biggest Loser Cookbook and trying them.

Sean, your wife is expecting! Does Jillian Michaels know you will name your daughter Jillian, and how is your wife’s pregnancy, and your family’s health, going?Sean: We originally didn’t have ‘Jillian’ in the works but everything about my life mentally and physically changed and it’s one of those things where we are the kind of who like to remember awesome times in our lives and Jillian is an awesome person and she did amazing things with us. There is definitely a cheese factor that goes into this, but I let Jillian know, look, we don’t idolize you although we love you, but we feel this is a good way to mark an important moment in our lives. My wife is about to have our baby and this is a crazy fact — she was very overweight when she got pregnant and she has consistently lost weight every month of her pregnancy to where she is in the healthy range of her weight right now and the baby is healthy. It’s because my wife’s diet has changed to healthy, wholesome foods. My daughter asks for salad now, which is absolutely bananas! When we put those healthy foods in front of our kids, they are more apt to choose them because they want to be like us.

What habits in the past are you both happy you no longer have?Antoine: I was probably one of the biggest fast food junkies there was! I was always on the go and needed something quick. I am so glad now that I’ve kicked that habit. Now that I cook more and I am preparing the meals myself, I am becoming a whole lot more knowledgeable of what these foods are and how they are affecting my body. I was getting fast food at 11 at night before I went to bed, and that’s terrible. Now that I have to fix my meals, I have to take the time to plan out my day. I am able to portion it out for the week. Sean: One of my most major habits, which you saw in episode 2, is soda. I drank so much soda, it was ridiculous. I would buy two, three, four 2-liter bottles of soda at a time and drink it all within two to three days. I drink more water than anything now. I probably drink four liters of water a day now and I am not even craving soda at this point. That habit is so far gone, it’s not even funny! Chris Haston/NBC