Chris Haston/NBC
November 17, 2010 10:00 AM

After a double elimination last week, it’s getting down to the wire on The Biggest Loser!

Getting videos from home can be priceless or distracting for some contestants. The emotions that are stirred by seeing your loved ones take its toll on your body both mentally and physically. Of course, everyone misses their families but after a while you get accustomed to living on the Ranch without them. Everyday you think of friends and family, but there is something about seeing their faces and hearing their voices which makes it so much different. Because the experience is so emotional, it can affect contestants’ daily routines. When this happens, Bob and Jillian are there to reel you back into Ranch mode.

Poor Ada! She didn’t even get a video from her family. This I cannot believe. I can tell you first hand that when the producers of Biggest Loser want something, they get it. For them to come up empty-handed is almost unheard of. I can’t even imagine how Ada must have felt, but can only hope that she learns that her true happiness lies within herself and not through her approval of her parents or family. So many of us look to others for the right path to take when the only right path is the one we want to be on.

This week we saw a lot of beatings in the gym and I loved it! This is really what BL is about. Every day contestants are working out hard for about two and a half hours and then are still moving for another four to six hours. By this point in the game everyone’s comfort spot should be the gym. You start to look forward to doing better than you did the day or week before. Ada and Elizabeth both showed this attitude and vowed to keep pushing themselves to that next level. This type of motivation happens when you finally start believing in your own power to change. I am so proud of both of these women for realizing their potential to achieve more.

This week, my BL MVP goes to Ada. She has the innate ability to push herself. It is hard for some people to hone in on that inner strength! If she keeps that fire lit, she will be in the final four for sure.

Next week, is the makeovers – Woo hoo!

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