Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

While the Ranchers gained back their original racing stripes with the end of teams and the beginning of individual competition, the drive to succeed seemed strongest in Tara, who pulled a two-plus-ton car faster than the rest and won immunity (and a nifty NASCAR prize). Falling below the yellow line were Filipe and Aubrey. But like another reality show, old tribal alliances stayed strong and Aubrey was sent home.

Choose to Lose: Alison announced that the contestants would now compete as individuals and gave them newly fitted shirts in their original colors. She also told them they could choose their own trainer. Filipe and Sione obviously decided to go back to Bob; for others, the choice was not as clear. “It’s hard,” Aubrey said. “They’re both such excellent trainers.” Although Tara and Laura butted heads with Jillian, they opted to stay with her. Deciding was so tough for young Mike that he actually flipped a coin and landed on Jillian. But Jillian was not without heart; she told Mike, “Go give Bob a hug. Mike, he loves you, honey.” Piling It On: In the first part of the reward challenge, the contestants stood behind a table with wood blocks representing the weight that they had lost in two to five pound increments. They were told to re-distribute their weight among the rest of the competitors although they did not know how the weight would be used. While it seemed would gang up on Helen, soon blocks appeared in big numbers in front of Tara’s scale. Although Tara always knew she was tough competition and expected gamesmanship, she was surprised by how much it hurt for to laugh while loading up her scale. At the end of the tally, she had accumulated more than 250 pounds. Tara refused to talk to the others and walked off on her own but her friend and partner Laura went after her. Tara considered throwing the challenge to send herself home; Laura told her she was not done and talked her off the ledge. A reinvigorated Tara vowed to excel at the challenge and not give in.

Showing Her Pull: NASCAR champ Clint Bowyer surprised the contestants on a racetrack with the promise of fast cars only to reveal they were to pull a two-ton car a half mile, with weight from the first part of the challenge added to their cars. Mike and Sione took the early lead but Tara would not stop. “She is determined, she is pissed,” Laura assessed. Sure enough, with the heaviest car, Tara won immunity and earned a rare, private shout-out from Jillian herself.

Record Weigh-In: Good thing for Tara she got immunity; at the weigh-in, she only lost 3 lbs. and came one-pound shy of losing 100. Kristin, however, lost 8 lbs. and became the first woman on the Biggest Loser Ranch to lose more than 100 lbs. in a season. “This is the one thing in my life that I have never been able to conquer,” she said. “Once you gain control over this, I feel your options are limitless.” In a night of good numbers, Filipe and Sione both conquered the 100-pound weight-loss mark, and Ron lost 10 lbs. for a total of 113 lbs. lost since being on the show. But Aubrey lost the popularity contestant to Filipe when they both fell under the yellow line and got sent home, where she is clearly struggling to lose weight while juggling five kids. –Cynthia Wang

Tell us: Would Aubrey have had more weight loss if she stuck with Jillian? Should Mike have gone with Bob instead? Craig Sjodin/ABC