Biggest Loser Recap: Shanon Gets Her Wish to Go Home

Photo: Trae Patton

This week’s theme? Worry. Worry on Ron‘s part that his bad knee would hinder his and son Mike‘s chances to stay. Worry on Tara‘s part that as much as she does for the Green Team, her partner Laura won’t pull her fair share. In the end, the only worry that mattered was who to send home when the mother-daughter Pink Team of Helen and Shanon fell below the yellow line. Following a tradition, the contestants decided to honor the wishes of the fallen, voting out Michigan massage therapist Shanon Thomas, 30. Shanon, who lost 45 lbs. on the Ranch, lost another 40 at home and gained a cool roller-derby nickname — Flower Power!

Key to Weight Loss: In a pop challenge, Alison Sweeney made the teams race to the top of a hill to find among a board filled with 130 keys the ones that would open the lock on the gym. Only two sets of keys worked, and the Pink and Brown teams claimed them after several trips back and forth. On the ground, Jillian was shocked to find Dane still among her charges after Bob‘s team defied his wish to send Dane home. Bob, in turn, told his group, “As much as you don’t want to play the game, the game is being played. If you don’t want my advice, don’t ask me.” Non-Gym Workouts: Among the many things the contestants did outside the gym: musical chairs; using logs as weights while doing ’80s aerobics in the living room; doing knee lifts with patio benches, doing push-ups out of the pool; crabwalking on the beach; and good old fashion mud-wrestling (thanks, Filipe and Kristin!). As Sione said, “It was nice to be outside to feel the cool breeze, but other than that, it was the same old torture by Bob.”

Pep Talks: This was super-competitive Tara’s off-week and her insecurities over Laura’s work ethic made Jillian ride her even harder. Tara made have gotten a clue to Laura’s drive when Laura almost pulled off an immunity win for her and Tara in a rowing challenge. Although Black Team’s Dane ultimately won, Tara was impressed by Laura’s effort. Tara needn’t have worried — at the final weigh in, Laura dropped 8 lbs. and Tara dropped 7 and they placed at the top of all teams with a 3.14 percentage of weight loss. Even on a bad knee, Ron managed to keep pace with son Mike and lost 7 lbs. to Mike’s 10-lb. drop. But falling below the line was the Pink Team, and honoring their wishes, the contestants sent Shanon and not her mom Helen home. –Cynthia Wang

Trae Patton

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