Ada's 'Biggest Loser' Blog: 'I Really Like the Brown Team'

Our blogger appreciates Austin and Ken – and gives Arthur some props

Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

Honestly, I’ve been on the fence about Arthur this entire time. He obviously had a lot of touching moments this week and it’s always nice to see the vulnerability in any contestant, but the overly confident statements about “killing it on the scale” every week is sort of a turn off when one doesn’t deliver. But I’ve got to hand it to him – he delivered this week! Then there’s also the less than well thought out game play strategizing, which left me – as I’m sure the rest of you – scratching your heads last week. In the opener of the episode, it seemed like he realized keeping quiet may be the smartest strategy going forward.

I was surprised to see Rulon behave the way he did in the gym. I always saw him as this hard-working, even-keeled person who led by example. I know we all have our own struggles and being able to finally see him in a different light helps us better connect with him. I like to see depth in people. It’s obvious Cara expects a lot out of Rulon; he is after all, an Olympian. I’m sure it can be frustrating to be held to a different standard than the rest, but I would think it’s also flattering at the same time. When he looks back at this particular week, I think he’ll appreciate the fact that Cara pushed him as much as she did.

I also want to mention that I really like the Brown team! We don’t know much about Austin and Ken but they seem like sincere, good-natured people who keep their noses to the ground. Sometimes you just like people who work hard and fly under the radar!

The weigh-in was so bitter sweet … On one hand you see Arthur single-handedly save his team, followed by an uproar of cheers, ending with Jillian jumping into Bob’s arms! But then you look over at Jen sobbing, which just broke my heart! It just sucks to know hard work isn’t always enough to stay in the game. As Bob would say, sometimes in life you’re dealt with a bad hand and you have no choice but to play the cards you have. He said that to me last season and it has stuck with me ever since. Sometimes it’s hard to see beyond what’s in front of you but as long as you keep working hard and trucking along, goals will be met and lives will change.

I’m going to end here before I get too cheesy and sappy! See you next week!

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