Biggest Loser Recap: Mandi Sacrifices Herself for Sister Aubrey

Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

In an episode both emotional and amusing, the contestants went from the thrill of Mike losing 11 lbs. and saving them all from elimination to the regret of a week of bad choices, especially on the part of the Black Team, who turned a day of luxury into a boozy calorie fest. There was humor in Kristin posting Filipe‘s photo on her treadmill to motivate her for their weigh-in showdown, but distress in Filipe’s confrontation with trainer Jillian, which made him turn to previous trainer Bob for comfort. And when the Blue Team lost by the slimmest of margins in the one-on-one weigh-in challenge, Mandi Kramer, 30, of Boise, Idaho, sacrificed herself to let her sister Aubrey remain in the game. Sit On It: In a sit-against-the-wall-as-long-as-possible challenge, Tara outlasted Mandi and won the ability to decide the Blue vs. Black weigh-in match-ups. Among the most seemingly lopsided pairings was big-loss Sione against least-heavy Mandi. “How am I going to do this?” Mandi wondered. “I have Mt. Everest in front of me, and I am at the bottom.”

Loser’s Luxury: After a relay challenge, Black Team won a field trip to a spa resort where for 24 hours, the team got treatments, massages and free rein to eat, drink and relax. After all, reasoned, Tara, “We’re on Jillian’s team, how can we ever relax?” Well, one way is by eating rich foods, downing tequila (a double shot at 197 calories … who knew?), and taking a cigarette puff or two. The Black Team did it all in spades and in a hilarious graphic, we see that they collectively took in 15,563 calories in one night, whereas the Blue Team only had 1,612 calories. Of course, the hangovers told the tale the next day. “You just feel regret,” Tara said. “You wonder how it’s going to affect me on the scale.”

Filipe Flip-Out: Back at the Ranch, the Black Team did not want to ‘fess up to Jillian about their 24 hours. Jillian confronted them anyway and railed at them for their poor choices. With rage built up inside him, Filipe countered that Jillian was not consistent in her message. He had waited two hours in the gym for one-on-one time with her and she didn’t give it to him. Filipe stormed off; cousin Sione followed. The two headed to the gym to work out with a stunned Bob and his Blue Team. Yet as stunned as Bob was, it wasn’t like he turned the men away.

Weigh-In Face-Off: The day of luxury bit the Black Team back as collectively they did not fare well, with powerhouse Tara losing no weight, Filipe losing only one pound, and Laura gaining a pound. However, they still had enough of an edge to beat the Blue Team. Aubrey continued to think of others over herself by positioning a tie-breaker for the Black Team to send her home over her sister; however, in the end, Mandi stood up for herself and kept Aubrey in the Ranch. –Cynthia Wang

Tell us: Should Filipe and Sione work out their issues with Jillian? Was Bob wrong to take them back so quickly?


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