Biggest Loser Recap: Losing Streak Continues for the Blue Team

Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

On the heels of Mandi’s elimination last week, Alison Sweeney told the remaining contestants that Mandi wasn’t the only person heading home — they all were. “If there’s one thing you have definitely learned in the last ten weeks, it’s to expect the unexpected,” she warned. After a week of hometown visits (which included a half marathon challenge), they returned to the Ranch to face the one thing scarier than Bob and Jillian’s excruciating last-chance workouts: The Biggest Loser: Couples scale. Tipping the scale toward another loss, the Blue Team’s Cathy Skell, 48, of Shiocton, Wis., volunteered to leave so her daughter Kristin and teammate Aubrey could stay.

Hitting Home: By far the most emotional reunion came when Mike and Ron returned home to South Lyon, Mich. Feeling great from his 110-lb. weight loss so far, Mike had most hoped to inspire his brother who was also overweight. Message received. When he walked through the door a much trimmer version of his former self, his brother Max met him with a sobbing embrace. He said, “To realize that my dad looked great, my brother was thin, my mom is skinny and I’m the only person that is actually heavy. I felt left out.” On the other hand, Aubrey pleaded with her obese 500-lb. father but he didn’t appear ready to get the severity of the message and she was heartbroken. Sweetening the Deal As if the distractions and enticements of the real world weren’t challenging enough, a DVD version of Ali arrived at each doorstep to ensure that a campus-style challenge would not go missed. She explained that they’d be running a half marathon, 13.1 miles, in their hometowns. The person that runs it in the fastest time wins. However, if they choose, they can eat up to 13 of the large sugar cookies that came in the blue and black tins at their front doors. For every cookie they eat, they can add five minutes to a player of their choice. Tara, Sione and Helen are the biggest threats as runners and some seriously debated eating cookies to stack time against them. The prize they’d be competing for was $10,000.

A Cookie Monster: It all came down to Tara and Sione from opposite sides of the country. Tara raced around an indoor track in New York, while Sione ran along the Arizona landscape. Two hundred yards from the finish line, Sione’s quad cramped up and he had to stretch it out on the ground before he made his strong, if not painful, finish at 2:25:57 seconds. Tara came in just under Sione at 2:24:19 seconds. Back at the Ranch, Ali asked if anybody had eaten any cookies. Nobody ate any against Sione so his time remained. If anyone ate against Tara, Sione would win the $10,000. Cut to a wide-eyed busted Helen followed by a flashback of her at home devilishly enjoying her cookie. Staring straight into the camera she said, “See this cookie Tara, five minutes for you baby!”

No Mercy at Weigh-In: Ron surpassed his 100-lb. mark for a total weight loss of 103 lbs. so far. And while Tara dominated the challenges, she disappointed on the scale for the second week in a row. A week after losing no weight, she lost only two pounds this week. Jillian showed no mercy and believed Tara was over-training so her body was shutting down. Perhaps Tara’s biggest mistake was trying to get a sentence in edgewise. “You are not the trainer. Just so you know, I am actually really good at this job,” Jillian yelled. –Rebecca Gross

Tell us: Was Jillian too hard on Tara? Will that cookie come back to bite Helen for eating against her own teammate?

Trae Patton/NBC

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