Biggest Loser Recap: Laura Leaves with an Injury

Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

In an episode filled with rewarding joys (makeovers for everyone!) and tough luck (Laura getting a stress fracture in her hip bone), the most profound moment came when Max, Ron’s son and Mike’s brother, saw Team Brown in their new slim state and just crumbled. No matter how encouraging Mike’s words were to Max, you felt Max’s self-realization, envy and emotion all at once and you wished producers would have just whisked him off then and there to work out with Bob and Jillian. Instead, the trainers continued to focus on the final seven. Although there was some anxiety over a weigh-in on the heels of a shortened week, the injured Laura Denoux, 24, was sent home in an anticlimactic ending to a dramatic show.

Presto, Change-O!: After Tara won her 10th challenge, a zipline high-over-the-canyon race where she was rewarded with a kitchen makeover, Alison Sweeney announced to the final seven that they would all, in fact, get makeovers. Filipe joked that if he got a haircut, he wouldn’t have to work out for a week because “that’s three or four pounds right there!” Tim Gunn helped style the finalists on a fashion fix at Macy’s; Tabatha Coffey and Brandon Martinez then cut and colored their hair. Helen, who had not bought a dress in 10 years, said, “I saw a new life for me, and a new future.” Among the makeover highlights – Kristin had those awful blonde streaks taken out; Mike looked like a 90210 extra in his blue vest and blazer combo, and Tara radiated confidence in a bold green gown. That’s Hollywood: Told that they were getting dressed up to go to a Hollywood premiere, the contestants found themselves at an L.A. theater seeing a movie of their own highlights from being on em>The Biggest Loser. Of course, they were surprised by visits from family members. Tara’s mom Cheryl lost 40 lbs. herself; Kristin’s husband Nick just grinned with pride. Ron’s wife saw her beardless husband and said, “I was shocked he let them shave it and he looks great.” But Max Morelli could only respond in tears. “Seeing them was absolutely phenomenal,” he said of his father and brother. When Ron asked him why he was crying, Max lamented, “I’m the big one.” Mike told him, “Dad and I are coming back and we’re going to get you like this too.”

On Her Literal Last Leg: Back on the Ranch, the trainers ramped up the intensity of their last-chance workouts. Unfortunately, Laura, who had been improving in her attitude and weight loss, continued to feel pain in her hips. Jillian encouraged her to see Dr. Huizenga, who diagnosed her with a stress fracture at her hip bone. It was the “most severe sports-related injury that I’ve seen,” he said. Without being able to do heavy aerobic training, Laura gained 3 lbs. at the weigh-in, a result that made even tough-as-nails Jillian cry. Jillian apologized to Laura and said, “You are amazing and you have come so far. Never quit. You got injured and there’s nothing you can do about it. Everything is going to be okay.” Alas, everything would have to be okay off the Ranch, as Laura was voted out when she and Kristin both fell below the yellow line. –Cynthia Wang

Tell us: Whose makeover did you like best? Should producers cast Max on next season’s Biggest Loser?

Trae Patton/NBC

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