By People Staff
Updated February 04, 2009 12:00 AM

Week 5 and finally the Joelle Show ended while the Ranch teemed with weigh-ins, sweat, and more weigh-ins as the at-home partners came back to work out with Bob and Jillian. But the episode’s slow build was but a prelude to the demise of Team Silver … – Joelle Gwynn, 41, and Carla Triplett, 36, were shown at home unable to reconnect after Carla tried to talk to Joelle about what happened with her zero-pound loss the last week they had together.

Weigh-In, Part 1: Alison Sweeney said that the person who lost the most percentage of weight at home after 30 days of work by themselves would win immunity. Sione checked in with a 25-lb. drop, down from 349 lbs. to 324 lbs. Filipe let out a trademark whoop realizing that the Blue Team would be guaranteed another week on the Ranch. Pound-for-Pound: Bob said that 100,000 have signed up for the Pound-For-Pound Challenge, sponsored by General Mills and Feeding America (and now Subway, too). To date, more than 2 million pounds of weight loss have been pledged, and for every pound lost, a pound of groceries will be distributed to local food banks. Yay, Biggest Loser! Go to for more info.

Carrying the Load: After Team Yellow, the sister pairing of Mandi and Aubrey, won a 2-lb. weigh-in advantage at the reward challenge, the teams participated in a grueling last-chance workout where the returning contestants reacquainted themselves with the intensity of Bob and Jillian. On Jillian’s side, she focused on Aubrey’s paltry 2-lb. loss when she was home and Laura regaining the right motivation to lose weight. On Bob’s side, he marveled at Sione’s work ethic and tried to get Shanon to challenge herself more. In fact, Bob made her carry Sione on her back. When she griped that he was all sweaty, Bob admitted, “Yes, I know it’s gross.” But Shanon sucked it up, and Shanon’s mom Helen could not be more proud.

Weigh-In, Part 2: In the moment of truth, Team Blue definitely needed their immunity as they had a slow weight-loss week with only 11 lbs. lost between them. Among the better results was Team Green … – Tara and Laura lost a combined 25 lbs. But falling below the yellow line for the second time were Team Brown, the father-son team of Ron and Mike, and Team Silver. Or rather, Joelle, as Carla lost 9 lbs. while Joelle lost none. Carla remarked, “It was like, here is another example of her letting me down.”

Later, as the teams plead for votes, Joelle couldn’t give Aubrey a straight answer when asked if she wanted to remain on the Ranch. Carla broke down and said she really wanted to be here and twice Joelle had failed her “and because of my teammate, I have to suffer.” When the votes were finally cast, and teams were openly sending out the love vibes to Carla and not Joelle, Joelle lost it and vociferously defended herself in an effort to save face, if not votes.

At Home and Alone: Back at home, Carla, the heaviest female contestant ever on the show, had lost 87 lbs. so far, and Joelle had lost 57 lbs. so far. But they didn’t melt those pounds away together. The former Team Silver had not spoken to each other since they left the Ranch months ago. When filmed at a reunion, Carla still wanted to talk about what happened while Joelle clearly wanted to move forward. At an impasse, Joelle walked out on Carla and later pronounced, “There is no more Silver Team. That part was over when we left the Ranch.” –Cynthia Wang

Tell us: Should Carla let bygones be bygones or is Joelle in denial of her effort, or lack of, on the Ranch?