Getting in shape is "the best gift a mom can give to her family," says the host

By Alison Sweeney
Updated March 14, 2012 07:55 AM
Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

Welcome to singles!

The Biggest Loser‘s final nine have to believe in themselves – something they’ve struggled with for many years. With each twist in the game, the confidence of each contestant is tested. And they have proved to themselves over and over again that they stronger than they previously thought they were.

During this week’s challenge, it was FREEZING at the ice rink! The final nine realized they were going to need to work together to reach their buzzers and get the best prize. I realized how tough the challenge really was by how long they stood there not moving! They were all working so hard to resist the others, getting any forward momentum was brutal. When Jeremy gave away his prize of shopping with a celebrity for Conda’s goldfish, it proved once again that his bond with his sister is a threat and that he’d do anything for her. Love them or hate them, Jeremy and Conda are a tough team to beat.

It was fun to watch Conda and Kim shop with Jessica Simpson, to see the moms be girls and to feel good about themselves. Same with watching Kimmie first open up to Dolvett about her mom’s struggles and then conquer her own fear of heights (my favorite moment of the week). As a mom, it’s so natural – instinctive even – to put everyone else before yourself. We really have to wrap our heads around the concept that getting mentally and physically in shape and feeling good about ourselves is the best gift a mom can give to her family.

This year I challenged myself to run the Honda L.A. Marathon. Being a Los Angeles native, I thought it would be cool to run through the streets of the city where I’ve always lived and to run a marathon like so many of the contestants have on Biggest Loser. Training has definitely taken away from some time with my kids but I have continued to make them a priority while challenging myself with finishing what I started. It’s the latest way I continue to work on myself. For more tips on how moms can take care of themselves from lessons I’ve learned along the way, check out my book The Mommy Diet or follow my journey at

Also make sure to tune in next week for a very special vacation episode of Biggest Loser – I’ll give you a hint: The contestants learn to surf with Bethany Hamilton. It’s a beautiful setting and an inspiring special guest!