April 29, 2009 12:00 AM

Tuesday’s episode was all about taking things into perspective. First, there was a visible comparison between how the group exercised on the first day at the Ranch and what they can do now. Dr. H did side-by-side tummy before-and-afters and gave players new, positive health evaluations. And then the seasonal turnabout occurred when the trainees became the trainers to Bob and Jillian. But before the final four were sent home for a 30-day at-home test of what they had learned, Filipe Fa, 26, of Mesa, Ariz., was eliminated. Filipe, though, had the best perspective of all. “I’ve lost 130 lbs. in 17 weeks,” he said. “How can I be sad?”

Hitting Milestones: Watching their first workouts on video, Helen laughed at her frizzy hair; Filipe saw an unhappy person who has made a big change in attitude. Mike remarked, “17 weeks ago, the epitome of running was a 5K, which is 3.2 miles. Now I’ve run a half marathon.” Later, Tara and Helen fetched their goal outfits from their closets and modeled them for the men, prompting Mike to turn around and put on a snazzy jacket. At a visit to Dr. Huizenga‘s office, Ron‘s blood tests were normal and he had been taken off at least seven medications.

Over The Hump: In the reward challenge, contestants raced carrying their original weight across 16 sand hills. At the top of each hill, they removed the amount of weight the lost that week on the Ranch until the end, where they could symbolically throw away all the “baggage.” But as most challenges had gone this season, Tara emerged victorious. She later opted to claim a 1-lb. advantage as her prize and gave her other option, $10,000, to Mike, who came in second place.

Train or Be Trained: Later, the contestants reveled in Train the Trainer Day, where they got the chance to exact revenge on their tough taskmasters. Bob enjoyed the challenge while Jillian dreaded it. Pouring with sweat at the end, Bob admitted, “They wiped the floor with me.” However, the trainers got the last laugh during the Last-Chance Workout. As Jillian told her team, “You’re going to live in a state of being uncomfortable.”

Filipe’s Final Stand: Tara again proved her dominance with an 8-lb. loss for the week and an overall loss of 125 lbs. in 17 weeks, making her the woman who has lost the most weight ever on the Biggest Loser campus. However, Filipe’s 10-lb. loss couldn’t match up in a week where everyone excelled and he found himself below the yellow line with Ron, who had the advantage of having a teammate still around and of being perceived as non-threatening by the remaining contestants. Before leaving, Filipe said, “The guy who walked in here on day 1 was an unhappy guy who was just uncomfortable with life and the Filipe that is leaving here today is self-motivated, driven, happier guy that enjoys life and can’t wait to go out there and inspire.” — Cynthia Wang

Tell us: Should Tara and Helen have split up Team Brown? Can Tara keep up her pace at home for 30 days? Trae Patton/NBC

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