Biggest Loser Recap: Blue Team Cuts Dane

Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

After trainer Bob’s emotional outburst in Tuesday night’s episode, he regained his composure in part two of this week’s Biggest Loser: Couples, initiating Aubrey, Mandi and Dane into the Blue Team with rapid-fire circuit work. Jillian gave her new charges a taste of her demanding style, too, and although they thought it would be the death of them, the Black Team unified. As Filipe said, “Jillian knows my limits and I don’t.” But in the first weigh-in as Blue v. Black, Black won leaving the Blue team the decision to oust Mesa, Ariz., real estate appraiser Dane Patterson, 27, an original Black Team member. Although upset to leave the Ranch, Dane left a great legacy — the first contestant to lose 100 lbs. in just 8 weeks!

Other things of note in a rather short episode:

1. In a Prevention magazine pop quiz, we learned that squats are better than push-ups because squats help the long-range goal of improving leg strength and posture, which in turn better reduces the likelihood of hip failure. 2. Both trainers measure up. As Helen noted, “I will always have Bob in my heart… but Jillian beat my ass!” 3. The product placement segments seem to be getting longer. 4. How awesome was Kristin this week? After losing 10 lbs. at the weigh-in, she spoke gratefully about being on the Ranch and how by watching the Biggest Loser on the couch motivated her to get off of it. She concluded, “You have it inside of you and you just have to find it.” 5. There’s nothing like the truth. When trying to decide who to vote off the Black Team, Ron tried to argue to remove the person with the most support at home. Dane saw through it, though, and knew he was seen as a threat. As Dane so eloquently put it, “I think we all got freakin’ fat and we all need to be here.” … -Cynthia Wang

Tell us: How exciting was the promo showing Jillian coming back to her mean, lean form next week?!

Trae Patton/NBC

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