The Biggest Loser host shares her family's favorite dinner

Credit: NBC

This week on The Biggest Loser, the trainers determined which single team member’s weigh-in would count for the team. Bob said it – “We’ve never done this one before,” and that’s why this week was so exciting. And there was another new twist that had never been done before: The trainers had skin in the game – this time in making the choice of who would represent them in the week’s challenge. We were all on the edge of our proverbial seats by weigh-in time, desperate to find out who would come out on top.

As the teams huddled to figure out what dish would work best in the new The Biggest Loser Quick and Easy Cookbook, it was clear who knew their way around a kitchen. The red and black teams definitely seemed to have the upper hand over the blue team. In the end, Bob’s team won and I can’t wait to take their recipe from the book and make the pork medallions with slaw for only 210 calories.

I loved seeing the trainers in there helping the teams. Bob is a great at-home chef! He definitely knew what he was doing. And wasn’t it fun seeing how fabulous Olivia looks these days? She is truly such an inspiration to everyone she meets! I’m so proud to call her a friend.

Cooking at home and finding recipes where you can make small changes to be healthier without sacrificing taste is so important to me, my husband and for our young kids. Dave and I so often make cooking a family affair with him working the BBQ and me tackling the marinades, the veggies and the sides.

My favorite family dinner these days is a kabob of chicken, bell peppers, shrimp and tomatoes alternated on the skewer. I’ll then bake some sweet potato fries and add some green beans to the plate and toss together a salad of mixed greens, a tiny bit of feta cheese, some avocados and pecans, and a homemade balsamic dressing for the side dish.

What was your go-to family meal this week? And what did you think about this week’s weigh-in? Who are your all-time favorite contestants? We’ll be checking in with some favorites in our Thanksgiving special. Can’t wait for you to see them all!