October 12, 2011 08:00 AM

Hey everyone! Hope you’ve had a great week. How sexy was this episode and how hot are the Biggest Loser trainers? Seriously!

Bob takes off his shirt and gets in the pool. Dolvett’s rockin’ abs show through his tight shirt while playing basketball. And Anna gets back in her tennis clothes. If you missed this episode, download it online immediately. Working on Days of Our Lives all these years, I know sexy. And this is it!

Meanwhile, Joe learned to swim, Ramon literally carried the weight on his back up a mountain, and Bonnie tackled the elements and pushed herself to the top of a mountain! And how great did Biggest Loser alumni Marci, Hannah and Adam look? If you’re not watching, wow are you missing out on some serious excitement.

There were some great takeaways from this week:

1. Do not be ashamed of food – just make smarter choices. I’ve had so many people come to me since starting the show to talk about being ashamed of themselves and what they eat. John talked about going to drive-thru restaurants and throwing away the wrappers before getting home. He said he felt like by doing all that he was cheating on his wife. That’s something that resonates with so many people and I’m proud of him for sharing his story and hopefully inspiring others to change in the way he’s changed.

2. Don’t let injuries slow you down. Jennifer lost 7 lbs. this week by working hard and trusting Bob to push her in ways that would work without further injuring herself.

3. Always "pay it forward." Having former contestants return and help out is always so meaningful because of how well the contestants can relate to them. To watch Hannah dominate the room, cook great healthy food and then work alongside with Bob was so special to me. I bet she never would have imagined being at the Ranch and doing all that a year ago when her journey began. There’s a fraternity among Biggest Loser contestants and alumni – to me it’s one of the best takeaways from the show. I can already see these contestants befriending those they have watched and whose transformations they’ve admired.

4. Don’t make Dolvett mad. I thought Bob and Jillian were intense but this week’s last chance workout showed that Dolvett really does not like to lose. His determination in the gym definitely pushed his team, especially Ramon, who stepped up and solidified the Red team’s place on campus for another week.

At the end, losing Coach Mike was not fun but he clearly found his focus on campus, and man has he worked his butt off (literally) at home. He will definitely be “paying it forward” to everyone he coaches for many years to come.

By the way, since last week I’ve gone to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch where they’re partnering with Yoplait and for every pumpkin purchased, $1 is donated to the Los Angeles Food Bank. So for all of you in the Los Angeles area, grab your pumpkin at Mr. Bones and help the one in six adults and one in five children who are not sure where they’re getting their next meal!

Tune in next week for a side of Bob you’ve ever seen in Biggest Loser history!

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