"I give Dolvett a lot of credit for taking on ... the one that frustrates him the most," the host blogs

By Alison Sweeney
Updated February 15, 2012 07:15 AM
Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

To all of you posting comments to my Biggest Loser blogs, I hope you’ve been taking out your aggression about Conda by burning calories and using it to fuel your journeys to continued good health.

I know when I’m stressed or frustrated there’s nothing better than a good workout to help me clear my head. And this season, I’ve definitely needed that more than ever.

Now onto this week’s episode: Six weeks into the competition, fears of elimination were shining through, contestants were missing their families, dynamics changed and stress on the Ranch intensified. Then, add in that the trainers were gone for the week, and you know it’s a recipe for a challenging week.

I give Dolvett a lot of credit for taking on Conda and going home with her. It would have been much easier for him to go home with someone else on the team, but you can tell he really does care about every team member, even the one that frustrates him the most.

Finding out about the drug problems and issues that Conda has with her dad gave Dolvett a bit more to work with. Plus, in taking her back to her high school, it seems like she finally opened up about her struggles and why she pushes everybody away.

Meanwhile, Bob made a tactical choice with Daphne, knowing that there was already a motivation for her to want to beat Conda and seek retribution for her brother’s being sent home.

You could tell when they first got home that Bob was going to fuel that fire to ensure her success and the success of his black team. What we didn’t expect was Daphne’s admission of her heart condition and how that was weighing on her emotionally.

When Bob, Daphne, Dolvett and Conda returned, the reaction from their team was as if they’d been gone for weeks. It was very sweet to see, especially to see how the black team had bonded with Daphne.

When the weigh-in began, the tensions again mounted. Chris started the weigh-in clearly stressed and though she didn’t break the 200-lb. mark, you could sense her relief in losing 5 lbs. Then you could see Daphne’s relief in losing 12 lbs. and winning the weigh-in for her team, despite starting with a 2-lb. disadvantage.

My favorite moment this week was Roy’s emotion on the scale. You never want to see Santa cry, but, thankfully, they were tears of joy. To see Santa be healthier and happier at home and to see how the kids respond to him just made my heart melt.

For those of you who missed the Biggest Loser‘s traditional focus on positivity and inspiration, are you re-inspired after watching this week’s episode?