By Patrick Gomez
Updated April 19, 2011 02:10 PM
Credit: Courtesy NBC

There was another tearful elimination on The Biggest Loser last week as Moses Kinikini continued the season’s trend when he “fell on the sword” for his younger teammate and asked to be sent home from New Zealand.

“For me it was a no-brainer,” Kinikini told reporters of his decision to keep his pregnancy-challenged teammate Olivia in the competition. “She may be light enough now to get pregnant – I don’t know. But I wanted to give her every possible chance for that dream of hers.”

Kinikini’s team was up for elimination in part because he didn’t lose weight, which he blames on the contestants’ long-haul trip.

“We retain a lot of water [when we travel],” he said.

And so Kinikini’s time to New Zealand was cut short, but not before he was able to appreciate his first visit to the country where his Tonga-born father went to school.

“I feel like there is a parallel where I went through my education on The Biggest Loser and now I left New Zealand just like my father to go back to my family [in America] to make our life better,” Kinikini said.

And he’ll be ablt to enjoy that life with his wife and two daughters – including Kaylee who is still in the competition.

“I’ve had many uncles who have died in their early 40s because of their size. They left their families early and I realized that I’m exactly in the same spot they were,” said Kinikini, who had been told during his first weeks on the Ranch that he was expected to die in the year 2025.

“In just 10 weeks I gained 19 years of my life back,” he said. “My blood pressure is down, and I’m far from being the diabetic [I was then].”

At home in Shelley, Ind., Kinikini is staying focused on staying fit but dropping pounds isn’t necessarily his goal anymore.

“When I came home my wife commented, ‘Honey, you look so thin – you don’t look as strong,’ ” he said. “I do not want to bulk up but I want to come back [to the Biggest Loser finale] ripped with lots of muscles.”