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January 05, 2011 07:45 AM

On season 10 of The Biggest Loser, Ada Wong lost 99 lbs. and made it all the way to the finale. A fan favorite, Wong is now bringing her personality and insight to in a weekly blog about season 11 of the show, starting with Tuesday’s premiere:

Hello, 2011! And what better way to start the New Year and stay focused on your fitness resolutions than to tune into season 11 of The Biggest Loser?

As the new contestants were walking onto the Ranch for the first time, I could see the hopeful look in their eyes and it reminded me of my first day – a mix of excitement, fear and anxiety. These kids have no idea the roller coaster they’re about to be on …

As the new cast was introduced, a few stories stuck out to me – Sarah’s painful miscarriages, Olympic gold medalist Rulon and Arthur’s realization that despite losing 150 lbs., he still has to lose “his father” in order to be at a normal weight. But there was one story in particular that really resonated with me: When Don said his son refused to be in his life because of his weight, it reminded me of the issues I had to deal with – the disapproval, rejection and lack of family support. I look forward to seeing all their stories unfold as the season progresses.

In typical Biggest Loser fashion, the contestants were surprised with their very first challenge on day one at the Ranch. Based on the previews and rumors I had heard, I knew there were going to be two new trainers but getting four weeks of immunity to work with them? That’s unheard of! As I was watching the episode, I was quick to say, “Take the immunity!” But that’s probably because I had gone through the Ranch experience and learned everything from Bob and Jillian. When I took a step back and put myself in their shoes, I realized it wasn’t an easy decision. Do you go with immunity or the two trainers with proven track records of success? But beyond that, there’s a whole other layer these newbies may not be aware of yet, because the decisions they make now can affect what happens in the future – on a strategic level. Or maybe I’m just jaded from my season.

I can’t wait for the new trainers to be revealed! They seem super hardcore and intense. And based on the weight loss this week, they seem to know what they’re doing. I wonder what it’ll be like when all four trainers are together in one room … Eek!

Until next week!
Ada Wong

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