October 26, 2011 09:00 AM

It was Halloween week on The Biggest Loser. If you know me, you know how much I love Halloween. My house is decorated, I throw costume parties and I love dressing up with my kids.

Dressing up was so much fun. I’m not sure where the Bride of Frankenstein idea came from, but we all really jumped on board. Costumes are the best when you just go for it! Of course I also had some spooky facts about Halloween – like that the average American eats 24 lbs. of candy a year, which is staggering. As a mother, I find it astonishing that so much candy is consumed. I always spend most of October stressed out about trying to find a balance between letting my kids enjoy candy and Halloween, but not to excess. Hopefully this episode will have us all paying close attention to those unwanted calories.

One of the most special moments of this week was the conversation between John and Dolvett. They opened up about both being adopted and both being the middle child. The bond that formed between them really exemplified all the work outside the gym that trainers accomplish – they give their heart and all of themselves to their job. It is such perfect timing for John to be on the show when Dolvett is also on to have had that meaningful conversation.

Jessica Limperet and Ramon Medeiros
Trae Patton/NBC

Ramon and Jessica also had some adorable moments. While it makes sense for Anna to be concerned about their relationship causing a distraction, it seems like Ramon and Jessica are trying to stay focused while supporting each other. Hopefully they’re on the same path as so many other successful relationships formed on the show. From Suzie and Matt to Stephanie and Sam, the success rate of relationships on The Biggest Loser is better than that of The Bachelor!

And then there’s Bob’s moment of the week – when the contestants decided to trick him! He walked in looking so calm and then there was the other side of Bob – the one that thought his contestants actually ate a pound of candy each. When he realized they played the trick, you could see how heavy he was breathing. Here’s a tip for all future contestants: Bob doesn’t like being tricked, even on Halloween.

The unexpected moment of the week was when John came over and picked me up after losing 10 lbs. He’s usually so quietly proud of his achievements on the scale … and that was pure emotion of losing 101 lbs. on the Ranch. It was so exciting for all of us to celebrate with him!

While the numbers were surprisingly low for most of the contestants this week, the elimination was more about team than numbers. Throughout the week, all the contestants saw that Jennifer clearly was not willing to give Anna and Dolvett the same intensity or respect that she gives to Bob. While it totally makes sense that contestants bond with one trainer over another, the bottom line is, they know they’re at the Ranch to learn from the experts and all those experts are all working to change the lives of the contestants.

Your hint for next week: Teams are changing! Find out who will be working out for the remainder of the season with Bob, Dolvett and Anna.

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