Did Frado, Ada, Patrick or Elizabeth lose the most weight on season 10?

Credit: NBC

That big digital scale has done its last measurement, and on a season with a theme of paying it forward, The Biggest Loser now gets to pay its winner $250,000.

Who is season 10’s Biggest Loser?

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Patrick House, 28, a 6’2″ former college football player from Vicksburg, Miss., won Tuesday night when he went from 400 lbs. to 219 lbs. in six months, losing a total of 181 lbs. “The confetti moment was exactly what I wanted,” a thrilled House told PEOPLE right after Tuesday’s live show. “From day one, I saw the confetti coming, and being on that scale and seeing the confetti coming down on me – what a moment! I cannot be more happy.”

House celebrated the victory with his wife Bradley in the audience (sons Colton, 4, and Caden, 2, were at home with relatives). “I’m so proud of Patrick,” says Bradley, who herself lost 53 lbs., dropping from a size 14 pant to a size 4. “I used to tell him all the time how handsome he was,” she says. “He’s always been this good-looking to me. It’s just now that everybody else can tell.”

When Patrick and Bradley first met in 2004, Patrick was 315 lbs. “I’m getting close to 100 lbs. lighter than she’s ever seen me,” he says. The blue, two-button polo shirt Patrick wore the first time he met his wife is now “too big for him,” Bradley says. “I cried when he came home and put it on because it was a little too big. I was like, ‘We passed it!’ It was amazing. It was tears of joy.”

The Houses, whose anniversary is Dec. 17, plan to celebrate at Patrick’s brother’s home in the Cayman Islands. “At the end of the week, we are going to have a good vacation just to relax before Christmas,” he says. “Bradley and I are about to celebrate our five-year wedding anniversary. What better way than as the Biggest Loser?”

Also Winners

In second place was New York commodities trader Frado Dinten, 43, who lost 162 lbs., going from 367 lbs. to 205 lbs. “This is absolutely beautiful,” Dinten said. “I picked the order, I knew how it was going to go down, and I wanted the confetti to come down on him on the stage. I can’t even tell you – I’m so happy for Patrick.”

Fan favorite Ada Wong, 28, a tech company consultant from San Jose, Calif., went from 258 lbs. to 159 lbs., losing 99 lbs., which was enough to land her in third place. “I’m at peace with everything,” she told PEOPLE. “I felt relaxed and it’s a good feeling. I did not need to see a certain number to feel like I succeeded. I feel it inside.”

The at-home prize-winner, who gets $100,000, was Mark Pinhasovich, 31. The bartender and recruiter from East Brunswick, N.J., started at 421 lbs. and ended at 208 lbs., a loss of 213 lbs. That’s enough to have made him the Biggest Loser had he not been voted off the Ranch. Still, Pinhasovich has no regrets. “I have so much more confidence than I did seven months ago,” he says. “I have life in my eyes now. I haven’t had that for so long. ”

For more on Patrick’s weight loss, including his before-and-after photos, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on stands Friday