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May 01, 2012 02:45 PM

Who will win what trainer Bob Harper calls the most dramatic season ever of The Biggest Loser?

Former professional wrestler Kim Nielsen, single mom Conda Britt and her brother Jeremy will all step on the scale on Tuesday’s finale, but only one will get $250,000 and the title of the Biggest Loser.

Nielsen, 38, left the ranch 105 lbs. lighter than when she arrived, but maintaining that kind of weight loss at home for seven weeks will be a challenge for the single mother of three.

“Going back home is going to be difficult. I am going to have to prioritize and put time in for myself and not be all about my kids,” Nielsen said before returning to her family in Roswell, Ga. “I have a goal – I am going to win the whole thing.”

Jeremy – the only male finalist – returned home to Rockford, Mich., in second place. After giving up multiple competitions so his sister could win immunities and advantages, he won when it counted in the final week on the ranch, beating out 13 other returning contestants to make it to the finals.

“I had a mindset coming in that I wanted to be a finalist and I wanted Conda there with me,” said Jeremy, who lost 150 lbs. on the ranch. “But this is one challenge I am going to have to take from Conda because I am definitely going to be the Biggest Loser.”

Conda – called the “most misunderstood contestant we’ve ever had on the show” by Harper – started the season with drama and tension between her trainers and fellow contestants but made it to the finals after a change in attitude resulted in a 99-lbs. weight loss.

“It took me a little while to figure out why I was really here but I’ve grown and changed,” Conda said before returning home to her daughter, Brooklyn. “I pictured Jeremy in the finals but it was kind of a stretch to see myself as a finalist. But I am going to compete.”

And do not expect Conda to go easy on her brother. “I’m rooting for one of us to win – me in particular,” she said. “I want to beat him and show him, ‘Don’t underestimate me.’ ”

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