October 15, 2008 12:00 AM

It’s so much fun when the contestants start turning on each other. Heba kicked it off on this week’s Biggest Loser, egged on by the show’s producers who upped the ante.

The mayhem started at the temptation when, as the contestants sat in a pitch-black room filled with donuts, brownies and peanut butter cups, Heba offered to be the only one who ate, thus winning the temptation — and gaining control of the entire game. The prize was huge: The winner would choose the two new Blue and Black teams, along with their trainers.

But Phil had other ideas. As she has in every challenge or temptation, Phil said, “Heba speaks up and tries to start controlling and manipulating everybody.” He quietly sidled up to the mountain of peanut butter cups and popped one into his mouth. Heba explained she would keep the teams as they were, because she must keep Bob as her trainer. “I lost my husband yesterday,” she proclaimed melodramatically. The others weren’t buying it. “I’m not agreeing with the plan,” said Amy C.

Meanwhile, Phil was trying to silently unwrap a Reece’s. Heba started sniffing around in the dark, shrilly inquiring repeatedly: “How many did you eat, Phil?” He ignored her, which only fueled her rage. Then Amy C. started crying and headed to the mound of brownies.

Heba won the calorie intake by a doughnut and trotted off to make her decision. We knew Phil was in trouble. When Heba returned, she reeled off the new teams: Renee, Coleen, Michelle, Shellay and Phil on the Black Team (with trainer Jillian) and Heba, Vicky, Brady, Amy C. and Amy P. on the Blue Team (with Heba’s beloved Bob).

“It was a slap in the face,” Phil grumbled upon being split from his wife. “He can’t be trusted,” countered Heba, who now controlled the Blue Team’s vote via her alliance with Vicky and Brady. Still, “Heba made a stupid decision,” said an unimpressed Bob, who agreed that Phil would make big numbers this week– for the opposing Black Team.

The gang was soon too tired to fight as they were thrust into a 14-hour hike in 111-degree heat and told to schlep up and down a mountain as many times as they could. It was the longest challenge in BL history, with the teams suffering to the point of entering into a d tente: They’d all nap in the middle of it. Soon they were all back out on the trail, and with a two-pound pass at the weigh-in at stake, the teams hiked their hearts. In the end, Black won the day.

In between dropping pounds, Michelle found the time to cry over her parents’ divorce again. This week she threatened to leave the Ranch because she felt she was betraying her father (who’d been left by her mother six years ago when, ahem, Michelle was 20 years old) … by hanging out with her mom. Jillian put Michelle on her phone with her Dad, who talked some sense into her: “You need your mama. OK? Don’t you even think about coming home.”

At the weigh-in Michelle announced she planned to stay and promptly dropped 7 lbs. The Black Team had a great week, but so did the Blue Team. Amy C. lost a staggering 9 lbs., breaking the 200 lbs. barrier. So it was up to Heba, who had to pull at least a 6-lbs. loss to win after losing 8 lbs. last week. She did it, dropping an impressive 8 lbs. (Note to self: fit in 14-hour hike this week.)

At the elimination, Black voted with their heads and kept big Phil on the team and ousted Shellay. She turned out fine as seen in the “after” video in a little black dress, down to a size 10 and basking in her husband’s compliments: “She’s a knockout,” he said. And “I now believe him,” said a grinning Shellay. –Sara Hammel

Tell us what you think: Was Heba wrong to kick Phil off Bob’s team? Which alliance will stay in the game longest: the Michelle-Coleen-Renee alliance or Heba-Vicky-Brady?

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