The grandfather, 66, says he was taking "eight or ten a day" of the painkillers before clocking a 2-lb. gain

By Patrick Gomez
October 03, 2011 05:30 PM
Credit: NBC

On this season of The Biggest Loser, the younger contestants are off to an early lead.

For the second week in a row, the oldest team was forced to vote out one of their players – Johnny Forger, 66, who surprisingly gained 2 lbs. it was revealed at the weigh-in.

“It was a shock to me because I was working hard and I anticipated maybe a four- or five-pound drop,” Forger told reporters Wednesday. “But I had overdone the Advil – like eight or ten a day – and that causes a lot of fluid retention. I made a mistake.”

Now at home, the realty company owner and grandfather is taking advantage of the lessons he learned on the Ranch to continue to shed weight.

“They made a big difference in what they taught me. It’s simplified the eating process and I understand what the exercise is all about,” he said. “It really kicked in.”

It was key that Forger started looking at food as “fuel” rather than overeating and he encourages other senior citizens to do the same.

“I was settling into accepting that maybe because of my age I couldn’t get out of a couch as easily,” Forger said. “I now learned that age doesn’t matter, the aches don’t matter. You just have to address them and don’t let them rule you. You rule them.”

Aside from playing actively with his grandchildren and feeling like “I’m in my 40s,” Forger can now fly safely without a seatbelt extender.

“It’s gone and there’s a big, big piece of seatbelt that’s left to go around me,” he said of losing 59 lbs. so far.

Since coming home from the Ranch, Forger has taken up boxing, works out regularly, and is training diligently for the end-of-season Biggest Loser marathon.

“When they first talked about the marathon, I thought to myself, ‘Not a chance in hell they’ll see me out there.’ But I’ve done some pretty amazing things in the last month,” said Forger, who recently completed a 13-mile walk. “I’m ready to head out and give it my all.”