By People Staff
January 28, 2009 12:00 AM

The campus hosted a bunch of special guests this week, and not just Super Bowl-bound quarterback Kurt Warner or Take Home Chef‘s Curtis Stone. Contestants were also eager to welcome back their at-home partners to the campus. After couple cooking lessons and a football challenge, it came down to a heartbreaking weigh-in where the contestants had to choose between the Orange and the Brown Team. After an impassioned plea from father Ron to keep at least his son Mike on the show, and after Tara and Filipe angrily railed at David about his seeming lack of desire to be on the Ranch, Team Orange was sent home.

Here’s how it happened:

In the first of two Super Bowl-themed challenges, contestants had to guess Price Is Right-style the amount of calories in popular tailgate party foods without going over. The three finalists in the challenge would then learn how to make a healthier version of a popular snack from Stone. Then from those three, a final calorie-guessing winner sent Stone to their partner at home with a two-lb. advantage at their next weigh-in. Daniel won, which sent Stone off to Raleigh, N.C.

In two off-campus segments, Stone took David to the produce aisle of a supermarket to help him identify things behind the flavors he loved so much when eating out. Then, Stone showed him how to mix spices together, rub them on a piece of chicken and grill it. Meanwhile, Blaine surprised his wife Jenny for the birth of their fifth child, a boy. After seeing him, Blaine said, “It really hits home why I’m doing what I’m doing now.”

In the football challenge, Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback Warner came out to encourage the contestants to keep running and play for immunity in a tactical game of place-the-most-footballs-in-your-opponents-bins. An elated Helen won and said, “I am starting to find self-esteem again and it feels really good.” Back on campus, Jillian confronted Daniel with her assessment that he wasn’t pushing himself hard enough. She asked him what was going on in his head and in a devastating admission, he said, “I never thought it would be possible to not be fat.”

The at-home partners returned to campus and Kristin described it as “a moment of pure joy.” Among the notable results were Tara‘s 12-lb. loss and Filipe‘s 13-lb. drop. Joelle finally got over her mental hurdle and cleared double digits with a 10-lb. loss. But falling below the yellow line were Ron and Mike and Daniel and David. A teary Mike poignantly said, “Who deserves to be here isn’t going to work in this situation. Dan and I are both so young and so overweight, it’s probably the worst possible scenario for this week.”

Although Daniel told the room he wanted to stay, David oddly said that it was just as possible to lose weight at home, later triggering Tara to lash out at him for failing to see the importance of the Ranch. It was Filipe, however, whose Team Blue cast the final deciding vote against Team Orange and sent David Lee, 23, and Daniel Wright, 19, back home. — Cynthia Wang

Tell us: Would you have voted for Team Orange or Team Brown? Was it right for Tara and Filipe to target David?

Check back for our interview with Daniel — and find out how much he’s lost since leaving the Ranch. NBC