By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 06:44 PM
Credit: NBC

After a cliffhanger that spanned two weeks, it was finally revealed on Tuesday’s Biggest Loser episode that Derrell Hough, the 46 year-old mechanic from Ann Arbor, Mich., had been sent home, but Miggy Cancel, the 48 year-old chef from Pemberton, N.J., was voted off by her competitors later in the same episode after losing only four lbs. — the least of any of her team mates — at the weigh-in. Both eliminated contestants spoke to reporters about their at-home routines, temptation and their current weight loss. –Nina Tyler

Miggy, were you surprised to be voted off?Miggy: That was the moment for them to get rid of me because that was the only time that I was going to give them the opportunity, and it happened. I was not surprised at all. I was a little disappointed. I had worked very hard that week. Even though it wasn’t the lowest percentage of weight loss, that was the sad part for me because I didn’t leave because of the weight loss; I left because of a decision of a group.

Darrell, how do you think your elimination will factor into Andrea’s success?Darrell: She’s very strong. She has friends at the Ranch and to be honest a lot of times Andrea was my strength. It went back and forth but I don’t think she had an issue with it. I think she knocked it out of the park.

How have you kept up your weight loss at home?Miggy: There is a combination of things I do at home. I have an awesome trainer right now. He has incorporated into my routine a lot of meditation, a variety of different types of work outs. I have a Trader Joe’s and a Whole Foods really close to my house and I get everything I was getting at the Ranch. I’ve included in my everyday routine a weighted vest. I wear a forty pound vest all day while I’m working, walking back and forth, cooking, or whatever it is I’m doing. It helps me raise my heart rate and burn more calories.

Darrell: Typically my diet is pretty much mirrored to what we were taught at the Ranch as far as what to eat and when to eat it and how to break your meals up into like four meals a day. There’s really been no change. Being back to work, I don’t have the time I did at the Ranch to dedicate my calorie burn. My workouts at home are more intense for a shorter period of time to get the calorie burn.

What has been your biggest temptation?Miggy: My hardest temptation was the soda. I had a half a cup and I was in pain for the rest of the day. I haven’t gone back to it. I have been converting my regular recipes to a healthier choice, trying to eliminate the fat and the salt and it’s working really well.

How much weight have you lost so far?Miggy: I’ve lost over 70 pounds. Darrell: I’ve lost 140 pounds.

Is shopping for clothes more fun now?Miggy: It’s exciting. I’m still in that stage where I go straight to the 2X and extra large and when I put them on I’m like, wait a minute, I’m not there. It’s exciting and I go for a large and then I put on a large and then, wait a minute, I’m not a large anymore. I end up in a medium and that is where I see the huge change and the satisfaction of knowing how hard I’ve worked is paying off as the sizes go down. I don’t want to shop too much because I’ve still got a couple more to go!

What’s the single biggest lesson you learned?Miggy: I learned that I had to learn to accept myself first and I had not done that. I started learning that towards the end. Now I can look inside myself and say, “This is what’s wrong. This is what’s okay. This is what’s making me happy. This is what’s making me sad.” I never had channeled my feeling and I started learning that over there and I’m putting it into practice now. NBC