November 16, 2011 09:10 PM

It started out like any other week on The Biggest Loser‘s Ranch … with another new twist! The house was going to singles with the first yellow line at weigh-in and a pentathlon would determine who had immunity and who had a 1-lb. disadvantage.

The week stood out, though, because of the relationship between Dolvett and John. When I was watching Dolvett drop the medicine ball on John’s stomach, I have to admit that I wasn’t sure exactly what he was doing. But, in true Dolvett fashion, he knew exactly what to do to finally forge a trust with John.

You could tell Dolvett’s excitement at John succeeding in his run on the treadmill. Not only were we witnesses to the bond grow between Dolvett and John in that moment, but the entire gym stopped to watch John finish 30 seconds at a 9.0 on the treadmill. As someone who has done plenty of treadmill workouts, I know how incredibly challenging that feat is, not to mention how amazing that sense of accomplishment feels when you actually do what you never thought you could.

Then, when Dolvett went even further in establishing a relationship with John by sharing his childhood story and his diary of his journey, the extent to which he cares about the contestants was truly evident. To hear Dolvett’s story of him and his sister being separated from their mom by a social worker and then to hear of the intense struggles he faced with his foster parents was so moving. His determination to have fight and “to dig from a very personal place” really showed to the world what I’ve learned about Dolvett – he profoundly cares about changing people’s lives. And, when John reciprocates with his family’s journey and sharing that with Dolvett, you could tell their bond was solidified.

Someone else who cares about changing lives is Apolo Ohno. It was so great to have him back on the show. He’s such a great fan of Biggest Loser and so supportive. The contestants love it each season he’s able to come visit them. When he ran out to meet Bonnie with all the contestants and encourage her to finish, it reminded me of Anna and all the contestants on the first day of this season. Moments like that are such a great reminder of what the Biggest Loser family is all about.

Final thought for this week: Congrats to Antone for breaking the 100-lb. mark. As Bob said, “It’s about time!”

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