February 08, 2011 12:45 PM

It was not supposed to turn out this way.

On The Biggest Loser last week, the Unknowns were certain they were sending home Jaquin “Q” Allen, who left his team workout to get his “burn” on his own. But when his wife Larialmy asked to go home instead, her teammates respected her wishes and sent her packing.

“There aren’t too many things that I wouldn’t give for [my husband],” Larialmy told reporters following her elimination. “I knew the support system that I had coming back home and, unfortunately, Q’s support system isn’t as strong. He needed to be there, get his butt kicked and have that support there.”

While she loves her husband, Larialmy acknowledges that the time apart is an opportunity to focus on her individual journey.

“Part of the reason why we continued to gain weight while we were married was because we enabled each other,” she said. “Being 301 pounds and pretty much suffering daily from different aches pains and knowing that I was hindering myself from probably having children – I wasn’t happy.

Now at home, Larialmy, 26, is training to be a runner, working out with her sisters and losing weight. But that does not mean she has not faced some challenges.

“When you’re [on] The Biggest Loser you have everything that you need right at your fingertips. We’re spoiled,” she said. “Where I live I have yet to find a gym that incorporates everything that I would like to do and that I’m accustomed to doing [on the Ranch].

One thing she was able to bring home with her from the Ranch is a new outlook.

“I’ve learned now to stop doubting myself. Even if I think I can’t do it, [I] try it anyway because I’ve already done so many things with this opportunity that I never thought I’d be able to do in a million years,” she said.

Now at 225 lbs., halfway to her goal weight, Larialmy sees light at the end of the tunnel.

“There’s just a different level of enjoyment to my life,” she said. “I finally found happy.”

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