'Biggest Loser' : Bob Shows His True Colors

Photo: Chris Haston /NBC

So which one of you called it? Who thought out of the two trainers – bitchy Jillian and new-agey “I shun game play” Bob – that it would be the Blue Team leader that would turn into Mr. Evil Strategy, and pick Jillian’s original Black members Mark and Jay to be on his newly reconfigured team. At the same time, Bob managed to simultaneously break the hearts of original Blue Teamers Brittany and Bernie (who felt rejected by their former trainer – and rightly so!) and Jillian, who broke down into tears upon losing her beloved Black members. Maybe it was the vomit-inducing escalator challenge that scrambled his brain … maybe it was the sweet smell of victory that made him power crazy. But Bob, who used to get mad when contestants threw weigh-ins, and punished anyone who committed heinous acts of “game play” in the past, is now the one behaving very unsportsmanlike. Much like the contestants turning their back on their once beloved cups of soda, our opinion of Bob has forever changed.

That act of treachery aside, the biggest lesson we learned last night was courtesy of Yellow team members Paul and Kelly: Cutting calories makes you gain weight. Ummm … Whoops!

So tell us: Were you surprised by Yellow’s weight gain? By Jenn’s elimination? And most of all, by Bob’s dark side? – Caryn Midler

Chris Haston /NBC

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