The show's most obese contestant ever, Arthur Wornum, reveals secret efforts to save him from elimination

By Patrick Gomez
Updated March 03, 2011 04:25 PM

If you thought there was a lot of emotion and drama on The Biggest Loser this week, it was nothing compared to the what you didn’t see.

Arthur Wornum, who was sent packing by his team, says there were back-room discussions and rule-breaking outbursts by contestants pleading to save him from elimination.

Weighing in when the show began at 507 lbs., Wornum, 34, was the type of contestant trainer Bob Harper says, “the Biggest Loser house was built on,” and the type of player for whom “game play should be put aside.”

With those words fresh in the contestants’ minds, Wornum believed he had a fighting chance to stay put on the Ranch this week, despite his forced move from his “family” on the Black Team to his adversaries on the Red Team.

“But,” Wornum told reporters Wednesday, “when you’re in a game it’s hard.”

Though the Red Team’s vote was unanimous, Wornum says there were players willing to “fall on their sword” to save him.

So what went wrong? “Kaylee went to her dad and said she wanted to give up her spot. And Justin offered [to go] if his team would vote him off,” Wornum said. “Unfortunately, there was just no way Rulon was going to let me stay and without his okay they weren’t going to vote anyone else out.”

Also not shown on the episode was how “every single girl” on the Black Team “demanded to speak to the executive producer,” according to Wornum.

“Marci broke all the rules,” he said of his former teammate who busted in to the elimination room to “chew the Red Team out about how they needed to keep me. And then she insisted on speaking to the executive producer to sacrifice herself.”

Wornum believes his teammates “did everything they could,” but “that’s just the way the ball bounces.”

As The Biggest Loser‘s most obese contestant ever, Wornum understands why everyone wanted him to stay, but believes he received all the tools necessary to continue to be successful at home.

“You can’t just look at weight loss numbers,” he said. “Kaylee emotionally needs to be there as much as I physically needed to be there.”

Now at home in Portland, Ore., with his recently eliminated dad Jesse, working out is Wornum’s “full-time job.” At 345 lbs., he is finding joy in “the little things” that his new body allows him to do, like driving his family around and playing softball.

Wornum plans to “dance” at the show’s finale and is confident he will win the at-home competition by reaching his goal weight of 250 lbs. But the $100,000 prize is not his motivation.

“That’s the icing on the cake,” he said. “This is to win my life back. And for the first time in a long time it’s within reach.”

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