"I was impressed with how well the contestants had done at home," says the host

By Alison Sweeney
Updated April 25, 2012 06:00 PM
Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

It’s the last week before The Biggest Loser finale and it was definitely was an exciting one for all of us on the Ranch.

After the emotional weigh-in with Jeremy falling below the yellow line, seeing the eliminated contestants return was definitely exhilarating. To see how far the contestants had come, to weigh them in again and to give them the opportunity to return to the final three was really fun.

As I mentioned during the show, those who quit the competition were not eligible for return and that ended up helping the remaining contestants get a spot back in the game.

During the weigh-in, I was impressed with how well the contestants had done at home, particularly Mike, who had only spent a couple of weeks on campus and had a difficult run while there.

As each of the final eight returning contestants regained a spot on the Ranch, it was difficult to again say goodbye to some contestants. But seeing how well they did at home gave us all confidence that they learned the tools to change their lifestyles for the rest of their lives, as Adrian said on the scale.

Once the challenge began, the intensity of the contestants was palpable. The 100-yard dash went by in record time but the final challenge definitely lasted forever – especially because we were all freezing. It was the middle of the night by the time the challenge ended and Jeremy definitely earned his spot back in the final three, even amidst his constant chatter (which really did not stop for a solid hour). Jeremy will compete against Kim and Conda in the live finale next week for $250,000.

While I congratulate Jeremy on earning his way back, my favorite moment was watching Cassandra. Her smile on the scale and the way this show changed her life is exactly what The Biggest Loser is all about. Regardless of the game play, I always am proud of this show because it transforms lives and inspires others to change their lives.

At the end of this week’s show, when the final three returned home, you could see how impactful their transformations were for them and for their families.

Hopefully you’ll tune in for next week’s live finale to see how it all turns out. I for one was shocked and thrilled to see how far everyone had come when we shot that episode two months ago. I am very much looking forward to how amazing they will look next week!

Also, I know you all have strong feelings about the contestants this season. I want you to know that I’ve passed along your comments and we appreciate your feedback.