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Brett and Cara's team show off what they can do while two more contestants go home

February 02, 2011 11:00 AM

The Unknowns have been sittin’ pretty at Fitness Ridge but now it’s time to head back to the Ranch and face their first elimination on The Biggest Loser.

Tensions were running high and people were on edge on Tuesday’s episode. As a viewer, we only see snippets of what really went on so it’s hard to tell what really happened between Rulon and Q. I understand the need for teamwork but when you’re desperate to stay above the yellow line, sometimes you feel the need to resort to your own methods. Sure, Brett and Cara are the experts and it’s probably wise to listen to them but when you’re on the scale, no one can save you from falling below except yourself.

The Unknowns are beginning to see that being on The Biggest Loser is more than just losing weight. It’s obvious there is a divide between the Red team and the rest. The group could have easily banded together to vote off Q to improve the team dynamics but they didn’t. Even though it ended on a good note at the elimination room, I wonder if Q still harbors resentment from the things Rulon has said. I love the tough love approach but I don’t know that it necessarily works in this situation. I guess time will tell.

Watching Bob at the last chance workout brought back so many memories – especially holding the medicine ball on the treadmill! It doesn’t look hard when you’re watching it on TV but your arms gets so fatigued from the weight of the ball. Some days it’s pure torture because he keeps upping the speed and incline. There are so many things the trainers put the contestants through and at times, they seem unrealistic but before you know it, two and a half hours pass and you’re back at home icing your knees feeling accomplished.

During the weigh-in, it was nice to see Jillian so moved by what Hannah said. Everyone sees the tough Jillian who yells at you until you cry but she’s also very supportive and a softy at heart. And kudos to Brett and Cara’s team for putting up some awesome numbers this week. I was blown away!

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