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October 19, 2011 08:25 AM

This episode is why I love Bob Harper. We’ve seen a lot of different sides to his personality in the 12 seasons that he’s been on The Biggest Loser but none resonated with me as much as the different sides he showed on Tuesday night.

So how do you like Bob now? I don’t know about you, but I was more than a little surprised by his “I like to be on the Ranch” speech at the start of the episode. There was nothing better than the juxtaposition between Sunny’s elation at returning home and Bob’s chagrin for having to take the trip and leave the rest of the team. You could see it instantly. I didn’t realize until watching the episode that the conversation continued when they went back into the house. His concern about leaving made so much sense as he explained it – not to mention him calling out John for having to relinquish control. I love Bob’s honesty.

When he left for Texas, I was actually a bit scared for Sunny. She had no idea what she was in for. I knew Bob was going to push her harder than she could ever imagine. The reunion she had with her family and then Bob surprising them was awesome but not nearly as awesome as seeing Bob in a cowboy hat and riding a mechanical bull! That might be one of my favorite Bob moments in Biggest Loser history.

When Sunny came back to the Ranch, she was a totally different person and it was clear that going home with Bob had changed her life.

Now for Dolvett: What did you think about him in the gym? What did you think about Vinny fighting back? I thought Dolvett was upset last week but this week, he definitely hammered it home, particularly with Vinny. All of a sudden the transformation in Vinny was apparent, and it was such a great moment. Vinny is so fun and talented but it was great to see him come out from behind his performance and really own the moment.

The tension between Anna and Bonnie was uncomfortable in the gym during weigh-in. It was clear they have issues but after Becky helped the Blue team beat the Red team, it seemed like those issues were a bit easier to manage, knowing they weren’t going to the elimination room. I give Anna tremendous credit for staying true to her convictions of not being Bonnie’s friend but rather working to do all she could to help her – whether she liked it or not.

In the end, Sunny losing 14 lbs. and her celebration with Bob was the highlight of the episode. Bob’s seen so many great moments on the show but his excitement when she lost that weight, when he ran to the scale, shows how much he truly cares about these contestants – and especially Sunny this week. When he said, “This was the best week I’ve had on The Biggest Loser,” it was clear why.

Make sure to tune in next week for the coolest Halloween episode – Bob, Dolvett, Anna and I will all be in costume!

Sunny Sinclair

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