"You've got to dive in there and be ruthless," the evicted player tells PEOPLE of his time on the show

By Patrick Gomez
Updated August 19, 2012 06:00 PM
Sonja Flemming/CBS/Landov

Wil Heuser entered the Big Brother house hoping to play a “clean game and be honest.” That did not last long.

The marketing executive from Louisville, Ky. was evicted in a 6-2 vote by The Silent Six, an alliance Heuser, 24, had suspected existed for a while.

The morning after his eviction, Heuser spoke to PEOPLE about how he changed while in the house, why he did not get along with his coach Janelle, and why he rubbed some people the wrong way.

You seem jovial for someone who was just evicted.
I am in good spirits. I had time to prepare myself. Definitely after the POV on Saturday it was pretty much set in stone that I was going home and I have a pretty good life to go home to.

You suspected there was a big alliance but you were surprised host Julie Chen called them The Silent Six.
I still hadn’t figured who was in the “Not-So-Silent Six.” But if I had to guess it would be Dan, Daniele, Shane, Britney, Frank and Boogie.

If it is them they weren’t very good at hiding it. They met a lot together and talked a lot together. They are all big players except for Britney. I think they are all strong and why go after pawns when you can go after big players?

Why is Britney not a big player?
Britney is doing exactly what she did in season 12, which is hide behind a strong group of people. She definitely has a mental game but she’s a very negative person inside the house and she’s kind of weak. She hides behind better players.

Why did you butt heads with Janelle?
Initially, I absolutely adored Janelle. She is beautiful and has an amazing heart but she wanted me to play the social game that she was playing, which was kissing butt and making cookies for people at night. I just don’t do that. I wanted to be able to be honest and forthright and hopefully get respect for that so that was definitely a bone of contention.

The biggest thing was that Janelle was playing the game like we were there to help her win $100,000. I didn’t come to win for anyone but myself. At the end of the day I think she was more concerned about herself than her players. She didn’t really take time to make an investment – she had poor social game. Any time you talked to her it was about herself.

Some people did not like the way you would abruptly end strategy conversations. Was that intentional?
It definitely was intentional on my part. I had an idea of who was working together but it wasn’t concrete and it was difficult for me to navigate that landscape because I did not want to put a name out there and then have that come back to bite me in the butt.

It was a difficult situation. I would go to Frank and Mike would do all the talking so I would just end the conversation and leave because, “Sorry, Mike, I didn’t come to talk to you, I came to talk to Frank.” Evidently Frank is just a sock puppet for Mike.

What surprised you about your time in the house?
I was surprised at the person I turned into. I really wanted to come in and play a clean game and to be honest and not lie but when you are in that environment you quickly realize that everybody is lying and not what they seem. Everyone has a hidden story and you’ve got to dive in there and be ruthless.