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August 14, 2010 01:00 AM

There is little doubt that Rachel had this season of Big Brother‘s biggest … personality. The 26-year-old VIP cocktail waitress stormed into the BB house, claimed her man – Brendon – and then started claiming HOH competitions. Though she may have rubbed Brendon the right way, her brassiness and theatrics rubbed the rest of the house the wrong way.

Saddled with an ill-advised showmance and with alliances rallying against her, the girl who described herself as “quintessential Vegas,” finally crapped out after being put up on the block alongside her man. The latest evicted housemate sits down with PEOPLE and dishes on what went wrong, the burden of love in the BB house – and her hopes at a surprise comeback.

Brendon went on the offensive to keep you in the house. He threw away his chances at half a million dollars for you. If your feelings for him were so strong, why didn’t you try to stop him, or at least make the same offer to him?
I did try to stop him. I did make him the same offer. He and I discussed which one of us we wanted to keep in the game when we knew that one of us was going home. It was a mutual decision. He told me he wanted to do it and NOT to stop him.

You were such a strong player, and Brendon couldn’t seem to pull his weight. Do you think Brendon let you down when it mattered the most?
He didn’t let me down, but I wish he would have won.

Had you stayed in the house, and won the HOH, who would you have put up for eviction?
Britney, Matt and Ragan. They all wanted to see me go. They all were coming for me and they all were really mean to me.

With each eviction, your outgoing message was, "Ain’t nobody getting between me and my man!" Do you think the showmance blinded you to a point? Why do you think that were trying to break you up rather than playing the game?
I don’t think they were trying to break us up. I think they were trying to break up our strong alliance because we were both strong players. I still don’t want anyone getting between me and my man!

Going into the eviction ceremony, did you think you had a chance to stay? Where you surprised by the unanimous vote to evict you?
I was hoping I had a chance to stay. I wasn’t surprise by the unanimous vote because I didn’t think anyone wanted me there.

What do you think Julie meant when said this may not be the last you’ll see of the BB house? Do you think you may be brought back?
Yes, I think I might be brought back. More than anything, I want to come back. I was so excited when I heard that. Please bring me back!

If Brendon does well, will part of you be mad he wasn’t victorious when it mattered for the both of you? Could the Saboteur have been right and he’s been throwing competitions?
I think that would suck because that would mean that I was playing by myself. But, I hope that he did win HOH. I want him to do well in the game.

If Brendon wins HOH, who do you think he’ll target and why?
Ragan and Britney and Matt because they were against us the entire game. They can’t be trusted.

Who would you least like to come through the door of the jury house next?
Brendon. I want him to stay and fight. If this isn’t the last I have seen of the Big Brother house, I want him to still be there.

Who do you think the Saboteur is, and why?
I think Lane is the Saboteur because he is a really easy going guy and he doesn’t seem like he would get in the middle of gossip and drama, but lately, that is all he has been doing.

You said that you are Vegas, but Brendon was going to give up a chance at half a million for you. Would you have given up Vegas for Brendon?
It would be really hard to move to L.A., but it would also be really hard to not be with Brendon. Mostly, it would be hard to leave Vegas, but I think I could do it.

How strong is the bond that you and Brendon have? He said that you could be the mother of his children, do you agree?
We have a very strong bond. I think that we have a very good future ahead of us. Keep your eyes out.

What was your biggest mistake? How did it affect your game? Knowing what you know now, would you have not gotten involved in a showmance that alienated the rest of the house?
I think that I should have kept Kristen and Hayden. Kristen would have eventually turned on me, but I think that it would have bought me a few more weeks in the house. No – I trusted Brendon more than I trusted the rest of the houseguests. He would have always been loyal to me when the rest of the houseguests were only out for themselves.

At any point did you realize that other members of the house were mocking you?
Of course, all the time, but all they did was make fun of everyone. They had nothing better or more interesting to do than to talk about and make fun of me.

You said that you weren’t shocked by the unanimous eviction vote, but then you said that you were stunned to be heading to the jury house. So, which is it?
I wasn’t shocked by the unanimous eviction vote, but I was shocked as a strong fierce competitor that I got taken out and that Brendon and my plan didn’t work.

You didn’t say goodbye to any of the houseguests. Why not? What would you say to them now that you’ve had a moment to reflect? What would you say to Britney? What would you say to Ragan?
Nothing. I have nothing to say to them. That is why I didn’t say goodbye. I didn’t care at that point about saying goodbye to anyone but Brendon. I felt that they turned game-play into hatred.

You said that you thought everyone could be "playing harder", who is playing the strongest game so far, and why?
Matt and I were playing the strongest games. We were the only ones that were not scared to win and to play. We weren’t scared to make decisions. – Reagan Alexander

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