'Big Brother' 's Mike 'Boogie' Wants to Return – Again

He says he's "proud" of his reality protégé, Ian, for betraying him

Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS

The third time was not the charm for Big Brother contestant Mike “Boogie” Malin.

After winning Big Brother: All Stars seven years ago, Malin, who finished eighth in season two of the CBS reality show, was sent home by The Quack Pack on Thursday.

The morning after his eviction, Malin, 42, spoke to PEOPLE about being betrayed by his former player Ian, his desire to have remained a coach instead of entering the game as a player, and how becoming a father changed his gameplay.

When Jenn was put up next to you as a replacement nominee did you know you were going home?
I obviously held out hope I could sway people, but that was a tough moment. I thought if I could get Joe or Dan [nominated against me instead of Jenn] I would definitely stay, but I didn’t know what was going on with Ian.

How do you feel about Ian’s betrayal?
I compare it to two of my favorite movies: In Primal Fear when Richard Gere realizes that Edward Norton was snowing him the whole time and Wall Street where [Michael Douglas] teaches the young, impressionable kid (Charlie Sheen) and Sheen’s character ends up screwing him. Ian was kind of my protégé and I’m proud of him. I’m not happy to go but I’m happy someone made a big move because it felt like I was getting ganged up on by a bunch of inferior players. It was a good move and they got out a big player and I take my hat off to him.

How have you grown since first playing the game in 2001?
I have a young son at home and I definitely felt – particularly near the end – that I handled myself differently than I may have in the past. I kept a lot of my anger in check and it was a little easier to face the adversity and not take things too seriously. I gave it 100 percent every step of the way, but when things didn’t go my way I didn’t take it as badly as I used to.

You developed a close bond with Frank. Almost like your alliance with season 2 winner Will Kirby.
Having Frank felt exactly like having Will. I had someone I could completely trust and knew the game really well. The difference was Will was more of an understated player and social player and Frank is better at competitions. Unfortunately, that brought us a lot of attention as targets. The most positive thing I can take out of this is my friendship with him. We fought until the bitter, bitter end.

Did you enjoy being a coach for the first few weeks of the season?
It was an interesting twist and I would have preferred staying a coach. I was excited to teach new players some of my tricks and unfortunately with the twist by teaching my players my tricks it ended up getting me knocked out of the game. All three of my players are there and I am gone. I think in some ways that means I did something right.

Any regrets?
I wish Dan and I had been able to play together in some capacity but it seems he didn’t really want Frank around because he knew I would choose Frank before him. I think his idea was to get Frank out before me.

Would you play again?
Yeah. I love this game. If they came up with yet another twist years down the road I’d probably say yes.

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