'Big Brother' 's Jodi: The Coaches Are 'Unnecessary'

The first to go this season, Rollins says, "I wasn't even evicted. I just got booted"

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

She didn’t even get a fighting chance.

As part of a Big Brother season 14 twist, contestant Jodi Rollins was one of three houseguests picked by returning player Dan Gheesling to be on his team in the house.

But after losing the first competition of the season, Gheesling had to choose one houseguest to send home only eight hours after entering – no veto, no vote, no chance for Rollins to save herself.

Freshly booted from the CBS reality show, Rollins spoke to PEOPLE about being evicted first, how she wishes she could have campaigned for votes, and whom she thinks has what it takes to win it all.

Did you ever think you’d be the first person eliminated?
I wanted to be a slow burn in the house, but I didn’t even get to light my match. I still think it would have been wiser for Dan to keep me, because nobody thought I was a threat. Nobody thought I could win. You want to keep that person. There was no target on my back. I got along with everybody.

Was it frustrating that there was no eviction vote?I had no way of trying to work anything. I had no way of trying to scheme or save myself. There was no power of veto. I wasn’t even evicted. I just got booted.

Do you think if the house had voted you would have stayed?
Absolutely. I had already made connections with people. I have no doubt in my mind.

What did you think of the "coaches" twist?
I was disappointed, because it felt like we had this great kind of synergy going in the house and then all of a sudden mom and dad came home and they were going to tell us what to do. One of the best parts of Big Brother is you can morph in to whatever you need to morph in to and now we were going to be held accountable to somebody. It was fun to meet [the coaches], but I felt like they were unnecessary.

Given the choice, which coach would you have teamed up with?
Strangely enough, I thought I had a connection with Dan. In the very beginning he told me, “You seem like you’re kind of sharp.” I thought, “He likes me. I like him. He’s a nice guy.” I thought I could definitely work with him. I thought Dan would be a good fit for me. I was wrong.

Your team struggled in the challenge.We needed a guy. We were the only team without a guy, and those were the teams that booked through it. It was physically draining. I got smacked in the face, I fell off multiple times. It was scary but you knew your life was on the line.

We asked our PEOPLE.com readers which coach would make it to the end, but what do you think?
Britney for sure and maybe Mike “Boogie,” because from what I can recall the people on those teams were the people I wanted to work with. Those were the people I thought had good social game for the eight hours I was in there. I wanted to work with Shane, Willie, Wil and Jojo – not that much with Frank. I was really weary of him.

Why were you weary of Frank?
He said he was unemployed, and I said, “What would you like to do?” And he didn’t know. Everybody knows what their dream job is. He just didn’t really answer any of my questions. I felt like he was hiding something.

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