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BB veteran Jessie seemed to have a leg (or is it quadricep?) up on the other houseguests with a simple strategy: Win over the ladies with a show of Iowa beefcake, be a “bro” to the guys in the house, and then spend the rest of the time sleeping. But the bodybuilder’s world was turned upside down by Jeff and the Power of the Coup D’etat. Now headed to the Jury House, Jessie talks to PEOPLE about his demise by the hands of Jeff, why he needs so much sleep, and his relationship with America. … Reagan Alexander

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when I say the words: “Coup D’etat”? “Hakuna Matata”! It means “no worries,” and that was what it was. No worries for Jeff.

You were a polarizing figure. Where does your exit leave the rest of the house? Jordan is going to play into Jeff’s hands, no matter what. Lydia is obviously going to be a little upset but happy that she’s off the block. There was nothing that Chima could do about it, because she didn’t have the “wizard” power, nor did anybody in my alliance, because if they did, they probably would have left the nominations the same. Russell’s a happy camper, because he’s free to chase that “paper,” Michele is happy because she wanted either I, or Russell out the door in week five. Kevin’s a happy camper because another guy walks out the door, so he knows there’s only two more guys left to get out.

Do you think that Jeff conned the house and America so that he could get Coup D’etat? No, I think his intentions were sincere all along, but it really played to his best interests. I have a feeling that Jeff gets a lot of things handed to him in life, and Coup D’etat is yet another thing that just fell into his lap. There’s a reason he moved out to L.A., and then had to move back home.

Sounds a little bit like sour grapes. What would you have done with the Coup D’etat? I don’t know. All I know is that it looks like America doesn’t like me, and I didn’t stand a candle in hell’s chance of getting it, so I didn’t really have to entertain that thought, did I? America wasn’t going to give the power to me. What’s more exciting — an underdog story, a Cinderella story, or the Patriots blowing out everybody in the Super Bowl?

So you are saying you’re the New England Patriots of Big Brother?Apparently everybody thought so, and I only won one competition.

Do you think spending all that time sleeping in bed hurt your chances? That had nothing to do with it. Everybody else was taking naps up the wazoo inside there. You can’t keep everybody happy inside that house; it’s impossible. Why do I need that much sleep? When you lay down, and you’re in ‘commode’ mode pretty much, or if you sit in one spot with no stimuli, you’re going to fall asleep, and I don’t stimulate my body with anything that’s artificial.

This is the second year in a row that outside forces have contributed to your demise. Do you think that America has it out for you?Kudos to America! It wasn’t like I didn’t see this coming, because I knew that this was coming. I hope that you bring me back for All-Stars, America, and I hope that you never get the chance to do anything while I’m on it, but more than likely, you will. Third time is … whatever, but it doesn’t really matter, I had fun. This was a lot easier of a pill to swallow than going out for other reasons.

Does it count as a love triangle if Natalie likes you, Lydia likes you, and you love yourself? Isn’t that more of a love square?When I wake up in the morning, I’m my own superstar. If I’m not happy with myself, how can anybody else be happy with me?

What’s next for you?Just keep following the dream, whatever comes up. My dream is to be a WWE superstar, a sports entertainer.

Who would you like to see win this season?I want America to win. I want America to get one dollar of Jeff’s winnings. The half million that voted for him to get that power, congrats, you get a dollar of his winnings.