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August 30, 2010 01:00 AM

Going into the Big Brother house, Brendon Villegas vowed to make himself disappear into the background. “I’m just going to go with the flow,” he said before the season premiere, “in the most Taoist way.” Then along came Rachel, and the swim coach jumped into the deep end of a showmance that alienated him from the rest of the house. All of his energies were focused on being the “knight” to Rachel’s damsel in a mini-dress, but instead of chivalry, Brendon resorted to knuckle-dragging intimidation tactics. After his better half was ousted, a newly-inspired Brendon did everything in his power to stay in the house, but a rapid-fire double-eviction finally caught up to him last week. The latest “evictim” chats with PEOPLE about why eviction isn’t such a bad thing, why love is worth more than winning BB, and the future of “Brenchel.” –Reagan Alexander

After Rachel left, did you feel like you had made any other alliances or did you feel like you were playing this game alone?
I still wanted to feel like I had friends in the house, but I definitely still felt alone as if I was playing the game by myself. It was tough.

Do you stand by the statement that meeting Rachel was worth far more than the prize? What does your future look like with her?
Absolutely, the future holds great things for the both of us.I would like to get to know her better outside of the house and the fact that she is passionate about science and has a huge heart will ultimately make for a great relationship.

Why, of all the houseguests, did you choose Britney to be handcuffed to? Game play or torture?
All game play – I thought I could potentially influence her as to who she puts up as replacement nominee.It was also a bit of torture.

Why do you think you got along with the other houseguests better after Rachel left? Was it easier playing the BB game without her?
I just figured since I was going to be in the house I better get along with everyone the best I could. It was already bad enough not having Rachel in the house.

Were you a little excited to be evicted, now that you can spend time alone with Rachel in the Jury House?
Sadly yes, I missed Rachel and I love her very much.Even though I was leaving the house, I was still extremely excited to be getting ready to see her.But I would still love to be playing the game.

What will be your first words to Rachel? Do you think she will be happy or disappointed to see you?
First words – good question – “guess who’s home.”I think she will be ecstatic to see me … I can’t wait to see her, kiss her and hold her.

Chum baths, handcuffs, and a shaved head … and all that punishment only garnered you a few more days in the house. Was it worth it? Would you do it again?
It was absolutely worth it and would do it again in a heartbeat.I had to fight hard to stay there and I never wanted to give up because that’s what I came here to do.

Do you think you’ll be able to tell your kids that you met their mother in the BB house? Would you show them the video? Why, or why not?
I will definitely show them the video – just maybe in their teen years.And whenever our daughter is getting mouthy, I can show her the tape and tell her she gets it from her mom.

Who do you think is playing the best game so far? Where you surprise by the way that Britney and Ragan stood up to you?
Lane is playing the best game so far.I don’t agree with his style, but he’s managed to stay in for while under the radar. Britney and Ragan – I was a little surprised, but when they did that it made for a bigger explosion and made everyone realize that maybe it’s not a good idea to keep me in the house.

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