It came down to Rachel the "veteran," Porsche the "newbie" and Adam the "piggy-backer"

By Patrick Gomez
September 15, 2011 07:30 AM
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Three months, 75 days and countless inane conversations later, season 13 of Big Brother came to an end Wednesday after a three-way battle for the final Head of Household.

It came down to Rachel the “veteran,” Porsche the “newbie” and Adam the “piggy-backer” – meaning, it came down to Rachel and Porsche.

While both Rachel and Porsche made legitimate arguments for winning the $500,000, in the end there could only be one victor.

SPOILER ALERT: And the winner is

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After a 4-3 vote, Rachel took home the grand prize, despite entering the house as a returning player with the odds against her.

She walked into the house with her fiancé and asked, “Are ya’ll ready for double trouble?” But after her Brendon was evicted – twice – Rachel took the game by storm and plowed through the competitions to make it to the end.

Just minutes after claiming the half-million dollars, Rachel Reilly and her fiancé, Brendon Villegas, talked with PEOPLE about her win, what they will do with the money and their upcoming nuptials.

How does it feel to win Big Brother?
RACHEL: I have no idea how this happened, but I fought my heart out this whole summer. It’s crazy: Last summer I met my fiancé, this summer I won Big Brother! This has changed my life.

How so?
RACHEL: It’s like we get to start our future together. We get to have a dream wedding. And Brendon is a grad student so
BRENDON: I’m poor.
RACHEL: Yeah, so we get to actually start our futures together and maybe buy a house or something.
BRENDON: Or at least rent a nice apartment in L.A.

What made you plan to take Porsche to the final two over Adam?
RACHEL: This was one of the hardest decisions I had to make this summer. Obviously, I wanted it to be with Jordan, but I saved Porsche [from eviction], and then Porsche saved me so we said, “Look, we are making this final 2 deal.” She fought her heart out in this game, and I’ve always said if you make deals you have to stick to them because the only thing you have in this game is deals. She and I had a relationship – even if it was a rocky the whole time, but we had that relationship I thought strategically I needed to bring her, and I didn’t know I was going to win, but I knew sitting next to Porsche was the right thing to win.
BRENDON: Even we [in the jury] thought if she takes Adam, nobody is voting for Adam to win. So, she took Porsche. I was a little nervous. But I feel that Rachel won Big Brother in a really honorable way. And she really earned it, and Porsche earned $50,000. She deserved it over Adam, because his final HoH performance was horrible.

After Brendon was voted out the first time you broke down, so what made you focus the second time?
RACHEL: I had a fire lit under me. A) They evicted my alliance twice, so I’m about to go and stomp all of them, and B) When Brendon came back and had a talk with me and said “You’re a fighter, you can do this. I have faith in you.” So, the second time when he left, I was like, this is it for me, and I am going to win this game.

A lot of people saw Adam as a floater. As someone who "hates floaters," do you think it was hypocritical to take Adam for so long?
RACHEL: Floaters drive me crazy in the game. I saw Adam as a floater, and so, taking Porsche to the final two, I took someone that competed and won their spot there. I thought Adam would respect that. I thought he would have voted for me. Does winning the money change the wedding plans?
RACHEL: The money has changed the wedding plans, for sure.
BRENDON: But we’re going to be smart about it – right, honey?
RACHEL: Of course, sweetie. We don’t have any tentative dates set, but I told Brendon, “I just want to go away, maybe for Christmas, and take our families. We’re taking Jeff and Jordon, too.
BRENDON: We just want something between her and [me]. The sooner, the better.

Is there anything you must have at the wedding?
RACHEL: Sequins and glitter.