Russell Hantz's Brother Willie to Compete on 'Big Brother'

"I'm planning on doing some sneaky stuff," Willie says of his houseguest strategy

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

First came Survivor‘s super-villain Russell Hantz; then his nephew Brandon tried to be Sole Survivor. Now Russell’s brother Willie will go for reality TV greatness when he enters the Big Brother house this summer.

Willie, 34, hopes to follow in his older brother’s footsteps and make it to the finals as Russell did on Survivor: Samoa and Survivor: Heroes and Villains, but he hopes to do one thing differently – win.

“Russell knows how to get to a point but he doesn’t know how to win. As soon as he gets people down he kicks them,” Willie told PEOPLE before entering the Big Brother house. “They aren’t going to vote for you if they hate you.”

But do not expect Willie to play nice either.

“I just want to make miserable for everybody without them knowing it is me doing it,” he said of his strategy. “I’m planning on doing some sneaky stuff.”

Willie hopes to keep his identity as a Hantz a secret from his fellow house guests – a plan that did not work out for his nephew Brandon on Survivor: South Pacific – but Big Brother contestants are always told to “expect the unexpected.”

Willie and eleven other house guests – including the former bass guitarist of the metal band “Kittie” and the unemployed son of former wrestler Sid Vicious – were announced Thursday, but with CBS promising “the most house guests ever” this season it remains to be seen who else will be competing in Big Brother 14 when it premieres July 12.

“I wouldn’t want Russell to show up because it would ruin me,” Willie said when asked what he would do if his own big brother made an appearance on Big Brother. “He’s already made such a bad mark of people not liking him – it would mean an automatic eviction for me.”

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