By People Staff
Updated July 29, 2010 01:00 AM
Credit: CBS

Big Brother prides itself on its motto, “Expect the unexpected,” but this week it could easily have been replaced with the simple question: “What were you thinking?”

Matt was so close to fulfilling his destiny as an evil genius that all he seemed to be missing was a scar on his face and a cat to stroke while he manipulated the rest of the house to do his bidding. But it seems like every time the Brigade pulls out a win, they use one hand to exchange high fives and the other to shoot themselves in the foot.

Brendon and Rachel had declared war on Matt, and Matt had responded by winning HOH. It was a no-brainer that at least one of the showmantic partners would end up on the eviction block. But Matt shocked the house by opting to put Andrew and Kathy up instead. “Everyone thinks I’m crazy right now,” Matt said, “but this is my HOH and I really don’t care what they think.”

Caring is sharing, and since Matt didn’t care, he wasn’t going to have anyone to share the blame if things went badly – and the rest of the Brigade did little to hide their shock. “Matt, the ‘brains’ of the brigade, goes with two floaters this week?” Hayden said. “I don’t know what he’s doing. We were hoping for a power move and he puts up Kathy and Andrew.”

The HOH soothed the ruffled feathers, getting everyone behind his new plan to backdoor of Brendon. But when the POV competition finally arrived, things for the Brigade went from bad to bungled. In a twist of BB fate, Brendon and Rachel were both picked to compete and Brendon beat out two Brigade members, the two eviction nominees and his own girlfriend to win a hotly contested POV, which had the humbled HOH immediately turning to Hayden and saying, “Time to figure out plan B.”

B stands for “blame.”

“We all trusted Matty.” Enzo said, “He made a blunder this week, but I don’t think that Matty’s the brains of our alliance anymore. I think he’s just the Gremlin now.”

Hayden was even less forgiving: “Matt, you idiot!” he yelled. “You’re supposed to be the brains of this operation and this is your genius plan? This is a nightmare, dude, we’re screwed!”

Meanwhile, the POV victory gave Brendon the courage to boast. “I’m not going anywhere, Rachel’s not going anywhere,” he said. “You better watch out, because this house is being taken over by Brenchel!”

Yes, your worst fears have been realized: They’ve combined their names. Andrew, sensing yet another shift in power, went from “floater” to sting-like-a-bee, as he and Brendon hatched a midnight alliance that they hoped would turn the house on its head.

During the POV ceremony, Andrew stood up, threw the BB rulebook out the window, and said to the POV holder, “Brendon and Rachel, I’m coming after you.” Andrew, just in case you didn’t get the BB memo, it’s “Brenchel” now. –Reagan Alexander

Tell us: Who do you want to see get evicted? Do you think Andrew’s bold move was enough to save him?