Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans dish on everything from Big Brother 20, from Bayleigh Dayton's pregnancy to whether Tyler would've picked Angela in the end

By Ale Russian
October 05, 2018 10:02 AM
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With three showmances by the end of the season, this summer proved that Big Brother is just as efficient as The Bachelor in helping contestants find love — and Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans are happy to be part of that statistic.

Fans watched Rummans and Crispen meet and fall in love on season 20, and though neither of them won, they’ve now moved in together and started a life outside the Big Brother house. Crispen ended up coming in second to their alliance member Kaycee Clark, but their relationship was almost tested when all three played for a saving power that would mean choosing who to bring with them to the final week.

PEOPLE talked to Crispen and Rummans exactly a week after the season ended and tried to get some answers as to whether Crispen would’ve prioritized his blossoming love for Rummans over his predetermined commitment to Clark. Read on for his answer, their thoughts on Bayleigh Dayton’s pregnancy in the house and their Amazing Race hopes.

Q: First of all, congratulations on an amazing game played. How are you guys dealing with the fan reaction to the two of you? It’s been so positive!
Rummans: It’s been crazy, people really love Tangela [laughs].
Crispen: It’s been so cool. I love it.
Rummans: It’s the cutest thing ever, people are like, ‘They have my heart.’ It’s so adorable. We were so surprised. I had no idea how people were gonna respond to it. I didn’t even think it was a thing, and then all of a sudden we come out of the house and social media is blowing up with Tangela this, Tangela that.

Q: Tyler, you got really emotional at the finale when you found out you were voted America’s Favorite Houseguest by viewers. Were you really worried about the way the public was receiving you?
Crispen: Yeah, for sure! That was so genuine, that was the craziest thing ever. I really thought people didn’t like me. And I know Angela was getting a lot of hate from people in the house, too, so I was worried that maybe they didn’t like her. But it turns out it was not like that, and it was really cool.

Big Brother 20 Cast
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Q: Have you gotten a chance to watch any of the show yet? How do you feel you were portrayed?
Rummans: We’ve actually only watched about, what, six episodes?
Crispen: Yeah, the first six episodes.
Rummans: It’s still in the very beginning, and I don’t think I was portrayed well in the beginning. I think I was kind of the villain. But Tyler, you were portrayed pretty accurately.
Crispen: I was pretty accurate at the very beginning, so I’ve been pretty happy about it so far. But Angela was really laying low after that first competition.
Rummans: I just tried to disappear, go off the grid.
Crispen: She was doing it right [laughs].

Q: You and [eventual winner] Kaycee both laid so low at the beginning, and fans even started calling you furniture. How did you feel about that when you found out?
Rummans: I think it’s funny! I think it’s actually really fun ’cause that was totally me and Kaycee’s strategy at the time. I was a huge target. Every episode I’ve seen so far, anytime people suggest people to go up, Angela’s name is always in it. So I had to just go off the grid and try and get that target off my back early on.

Q: And then you two and Level 6 completely dominated the game once jury hit.
Rummans: It was time to play!
Crispen: We talked about it, we wanted to go back to back to back on every competition and we did. We won so many competitions, Kaycee, her and I.

Q: Are you still talking game constantly?
Rummans: Yes, but we’re trying not to. We’re trying to come back to the real world now — it’s hard.

Q: Have you gotten to talk to the other showmances that have stayed serious since leaving the show? Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson from last season are expecting!
Crispen: Yeah, Cody reached out to us. We haven’t gotten a chance to meet up with them or talk to them, but we’re looking forward to it.
Rummans: I can’t wait to double date with them!

Q: And now Swaggy [Chris Williams] and Bayleigh Dayton are engaged.
Crispen: I know, when Swaggy proposed I was like, “Man, how do I top that?” We’re so happy for them though, so awesome.

Q: How do you feel looking back now, knowing that Bayleigh had just found out she was pregnant when the heated confrontation between her and Tyler happened? Does it explain why things got so out of hand?
Crispen: I wish it wouldn’t have gone down the way it did, and I’ve been saying that ever since it happened. I’m sure she was just going through a whirlwind, I can’t even imagine. We have so much love for Bayleigh and Swaggy, and to hear [about the miscarriage later] was heartbreaking. I have nothing personally to say about Bayleigh that’s negative, but to hear she was going through that just breaks my heart honestly. I just hope the best for both of them. I really love both of them so much.

Q: Did you guys have any idea while in the house that she was pregnant?
Rummans: None. We had absolutely no idea. I would never have guessed that in a million years.

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Q: But after that house meeting, it felt like the first time people saw that something might be happening between the two of you when Tyler ran up to the HOH where you were, Angela. Was that the case for you two as well?
Rummans: I think things started happening very early on, I always had a thing for Tyler and I think we were both just looking for an excuse to get closer to each other. So everything that happened that gave us an opportunity to get closer to each other, we definitely jumped on it. The whole Bayleigh thing was probably the first one that gave us a reason to comfort each other and stick by each other’s side. That’s what we really wanted to do the whole entire time, but we weren’t allowed to because of game reasons.
Crispen: And we still weren’t allowed to!
Rummans: It was such a struggle.

Q: What were you guys thinking going into that final four veto and having to potentially pick between the two closest people to you in the house?
Crispen: It was gonna be impossible to pick.
Rummans: I’m glad he threw it, because that would’ve been horrible.

Q: Did you think about what you would’ve done, Tyler?
Crispen: No, because I knew I wasn’t gonna win and I know I couldn’t possibly pick. It would ruin everything no matter what I did, game or personal. So there was no way I could’ve won that.

Q: Angela, who would you have chosen?
Rummans: 100 percent I was picking Tyler, for sure.

Q: Tyler?
Crispen: We’re not getting 100 percent. You saw me crying in the Diary Room!

Q: If you guys had to spend time in the house again with one non-Level 6 member, who would it be?
Crispen: For me, I’d say Scottie.
Rummans: Scottie! He was the best.
Crispen: He was so funny all the time, like on accident.

Q: But Scottie didn’t vote for you to win!
Crispen: Oh, I completely understand it. Scottie and I, in my head, we never had a game relationship that was very strong, but it was always a personal thing with me. I always loved Scottie, I just knew that everything I told him he would go tell people. But I’ve always loved Scottie. I love everybody in the house!

Q: You all seem really close, despite it getting really heated in the house sometimes.
Rummans: Totally! And I think it’s cause we had a very mature cast, and were able to separate the game from what’s real. So now that everything is over we’re able to just look past it. We all went through this amazing experience together and we’re bonded for life no matter what.

Q: What are you most excited about after things calm down?
Crispen: Going on a vacation!
Rummans: And just totally unplugging, ’cause we still haven’t unplugged from the last three months. It’s still sleepless nights and dealing with stuff out in the real world. Just to finally destress and unplug for like, a week would be amazing.

Q: What are the odds we’ll see you two on another reality show? Maybe Amazing Race?
Crispen: I don’t know, you guys will have to stay tuned! We don’t have anything official yet, but we’re definitely open for anything right now. I would only do Amazing Race with her.
Rummans: Absolutely, that would be amazing!

Q: Would you guys do Big Brother again?
Rummans: I couldn’t do it unless Tyler was in the house with me.
Crispen: Same.
Rummans: And I won’t let him go without me. It’s a package deal, is what we’re trying to say [laughs].