'Big Brother' : The Sheriff Gets Shot Down

Photo: Lisette M. Azar/CBS/Landov

Well, it turns out that diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend.

Kathy never made apologies about being the kind-hearted floater in the Big Brother house. Time and again, she proved to be the D-student of the class, doing just enough to get by. But with the numbers dwindling, it was only a matter a time before the sheriff was shown the door.

Matt was on the eviction block alongside his Brigade brother Lane and with the diamond power of veto in his hip pocket, “the Gnat” let his true colors fly, and Kathy paid the ultimate price, securing a spot with Rachel in the Jury House.

Ragan quickly replaced Rachel as the weeper of the house (soft piano music seems to follow the man everywhere these days), and while the rest of the Brigade scrambled, Matt simply sat back and played his game.

“Poor Ragan, I do feel bad for the little guy,” said the even smaller guy. “I have to pretend to be all sad and mopey, like my wife just got diagnosed with some other crazy, pretend disease.”

Matt used his newfound security not only to obfuscate and annoy, but to collect information as well. “The diamond POV provides me with a unique opportunity to scope out the Brigade a little bit,” he said. “If I get a sense that the remaining two Brigade members are voting for Lane instead of me, then I may just find a new alliance.” The Gnat quickly came to the conclusion that his Brigade boys didn’t entirely have his back.

“The other side of the house, they’re all snakes,” Hayden said. “And Matt, unfortunately, is the head of the snake.” Even Hayden knows that when you want to kill a snake, you cut of the head and the body dies.

Despite the Gnat’s machinations, Kathy’s demise was sealed at the hands of Ragan, who completed his Saboteur mission and sobbed his way to becoming $20,000 richer.

A simple note left under Enzo‘s pillow had the house pointing fingers, with all roads leading back to poor, bed-making Kathy. “It’s like the end of a Scooby-Doo episode, where they find out that the Governor is the ghost,” quipped Enzo. “In this case, the sheriff is the Saboteur. She made the bed, she put the note underneath the pillow. The note ends with an ‘S’ which means the ‘sheriff,’ so give me a Scooby snack.”

At the eviction ceremony, Matt stood up and delivered a pointed speech to Brendon, who had been gunning for his eviction. “Congratulations at coming so close at achieving your goal,” he said. “But better luck next time, you big dummy, because I’m going to use the diamond power of veto tonight to save myself.”

And save himself he did, putting up Kathy who was sent home despite her plea speech.

Once again the Brigade weathered the BB storm, but there is little doubt that the super-alliance is starting to show some wear and tear. Britney, the blonde “power-floater,” stepped up her game and took on the mantle of HOH, a move that left Brendon clenching his jaw as if he were trying to rediscover the recipe for fire.

With the last girl standing suddenly in charge, and the Brigade showing serious weakness, no one is safe in the BB house, but then again, that’s exactly the way it should be. – Reagan Alexander

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